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  • Getting to the root of culture

    The Art Center at Fuller Lodge exhibition, “Roots of Culture in Northern New Mexico,” presents an opportunity to explore the meaning, not of the word root, as one might expect, but the word culture.

  • Weather Alert: Arctic airmass en route, expect bone-chilling temps

    The National Weather Service issued the following advisory Tuesday morning:



  • Legislative Finance Committee proposes belt-tightening measures in budget proposal

    Key provisions of a budget proposed Monday by the Legislative Finance Committee for the 2011 fiscal year, which starts July 1 and runs through June 30, 2011.


  • WEB EXTRA: LA boys, girls hoops teams face Volcano Vista tonight

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  • The nominations are in

    The nominations are in for the first annual Assets in Action community awards ceremony to be held Friday.

    The many residents nominated represent businesses, individuals, couples, students and youth.

    Throughout December, we have looked at the Assets category of support and those nominated through the process demonstrate support across the board.

  • Detective uses skills to point, aim, shoot

    Photography has been a part of Los Alamos police detective Shari Mills’ life for as long as she can remember.

    Her father, Winfred Headdy, was a professional photographer at Los Alamos National Laboratory for more than 30 years. He not only shot classified photos for LANL, she said, but outside of work he snapped portrait photographs, documented marriages and took countless photos of her growing up.

    Mills recalled being her father’s “little model.”

  • Senator backs lab, promotes health care reform

    Another year of budgetary grace may be in store for Los Alamos National Laboratory if Sen. Jeff Bingaman, D-NM, has his way.

    The chairman of the Energy and Natural Resources Committee in charge of authorizing policy for the Department of Energy said Monday that there are questions about whether “the fiscal situation of the country allows us to fund the work of the lab at the levels it needs.”


  • Let science make the call on climate

    The letter by Mark A. Robinson “Climate change is liberal hot air,” Dec. 31, 2009, is a good example of what’s bothering people about this issue. It attacks the idea of human-caused warming not from a scientific point but from a political/economic one. Indeed most objections to this idea are made because it’s thought that this is some political ploy that’s simply going to cost too much to do anything about. This is understandable since there are a fair number of supporters of the idea who are liberal and many against it who are conservative.

  • NMED not up to the task

    The New Mexico Environment Department’s (NMED) recent public venting at LANL over radionuclide reporting in groundwater appears to be another subterfuge at hiding its own inadequacies in regulation.  NMED clearly has no statutory authority to regulate radionuclides at DOE facilities.  LANL provides large amounts of information to NMED as a courtesy.  Environmental surveillance reports dating back to 1970 and many other reports are full of data on ground and surface water and are publicly available.  For many years there were quarterly public meetings to talk about

  • LEDs score in proficiency, not political points

    Words take on a cultural aura. In Spanish, all nouns have a gender. Everything is either masculine or feminine, but neither rhyme nor reason can tell which.

    Would you guess the Spanish word for “necktie” is male or female? Even though neckties are in the men’s wear department, the word for necktie is “la corbata,” clearly feminine. You will do no better at guessing the gender of Spanish words for dress, book or window (masculine, masculine, feminine).