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  • Golf: Defending champ wins Atomic City qualifying round

    Prior to Wednesday, the last time Lee Sanchez played golf in Los Alamos, he found himself in a playoff with one of the Normans.

    Wednesday, he found himself in a playoff with one of the Normans.

    In Wednesday’s qualifying round of the Atomic City Invitational, Sanchez, the defending tournament champion, shot an even-par 72 after 18 holes, a total which was equaled by Curt Norman.

    The two faced off in a sudden-death playoff, with Sanchez sinking a short putt on the third playoff hole to take the victory.

  • Smith’s store responds to recall

    Employees at the Smith’s Food and Drug Store in Los Alamos were prepared for questions from the public Wednesday about the expanded recall of a suspected beef item.

    They said customers had asked about the situation and that the store had readily accepted returns of about 20 pounds of meat.

  • Casa Mesita re-opens its doors

    The atmosphere was clearly jovial at a gathering of volunteers and supporters who’ve labored since 2007 to ensure Casa Mesita Girls Home re-opened its doors to young girls in need.

    The attractive home on Sycamore officially re-opened June 26 during a ribbon-cutting ceremony hosted by the Los Alamos Chamber of Commerce.

  • A day of fun, learning

    Dear Editor,

    New Mexico youth who will be junior and senior high-schoolers this fall are invited to register for and participate in the Next Big Idea STEM Student Day on Friday, July 17, in Los Alamos from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. The all-day event is being organized by Los Alamos MainStreet in partnership with the Chamber of Commerce, Los Alamos National Laboratory, and Innovate-Educate New Mexico.

  • Art Center a good place

    Dear Editor,

    I would like to compliment Carol Clark on her objective reporting on the Art Center at Fuller Lodge board and the resignation of the chairman. As a board member, I feel I need to respond to several quotes taken from her articles. 

    I became a board member last year to serve an organization that I have been involved with, and believed in, for half of my life. I joined in order to help promote the Art Center and its mission. Although I have learned much this year, the experience has not been enjoyable.

  • A Texas troubadour to visit the Hill

    First the Los Alamos Summer Concert Series brought music from Africa to the county; now, it is moving south of the U.S.A.

    Texas troubadour Danny Santos will bring in his mix of Tejano music, which is a mix of Texan and Mexican music, along with some Americano style music.

    “He’s going to bring something for a different audience,” concert organizer Russ Gordon said. “The audience who likes folk. We (the concert series) play a lot of Americano and folk music.”

  • Pure entertainment

    My nephew loves Transformers. He has the toys, the stickers, the pajamas, and adores Autobot heroes Bumblebee and Optimus Prime.

    He also went to see the new Transformers movie and loved it. I’m sure he loved it for all the cool robots and the great transformations that they performed.

  • Seeing history through brush strokes

    Compared to other counties, Los Alamos’ history seems relatively short, but certainly not uneventful.

    The same can be said about its art. Local art is multifaceted, abstract, realistic, nostalgic and poignant. It can be spotted anywhere from the side of the road to a museum wall.

    Besides its abundance, art has also had a long presence in Los Alamos. It’s always been here, right down to the petroglyphs etched in canyon walls.

  • PEN&INKee^POSSIBILITIESee^:Bonding through a baseball game

    Before Los Alamos’ Day at the Isotopes stadium, the last baseball game I attended was in Havana, Cuba.

    It felt a little surreal watching America’s favorite pastime in a foreign country. None of the sights I had grown accustomed to at a ball field were visible. There were no spectators sipping beer or munching on hot dogs and the stadium was completely bare of a glitzy scoreboard with dancing lights and electronic sounds.

  • ACI Update: Top seeds all advance in men's bracket

    NOTE: Due to early deadlines owing to the July 4 holiday, coverage of the Atomic City Invitational will be delayed in the Los Alamos Monitor's print edition. Check this website for updates on the tournament.

    There were no upsets in the first round of the men's Atomic City Invitational championship flight Thursday.

    All the top-seeded players are moving on to Friday's quarterfinal round, including defending champion Lee Sanchez and 2008 runner-up Jason Norman.

    Norman, the third-seed, won a 3 and 2 victory over 13th-seeded Fred Seeley, a multi-ACI winner.