Today's News

  • JPJ construction on schedule

    Decent weather, no major problems and a contractor who has stayed on task are all being cited as reasons the Judicial/Police/Jail Complex construction is on track.

    Project Manager Victor Martinez said he has not encountered any problems with HB Construction Inc., the contractor from Albuquerque that is working on the project.

    “The project is progressing very rapidly. Our schedule is very aggressive,” Martinez said.

    Work on the project has been in full swing, following the October ground-breaking ceremony.

  • Harvey E. Yates Jr. to speak at Hilltop House

    Harvey E. Yates Jr., who was elected chairman of the Republican Party of New Mexico in January, will be the guest speaker for the Los Alamos Republican Party’s regularly scheduled meeting at 7:30 p.m. on Thursday.

    The meeting will be held in one of the meeting rooms at the Hilltop House Hotel.

    All Republicans are invited to attend this event of which there is no charge.

  • ‘Map of Science,” reflects the new bit-sized world

    A team of cyber-scientists at Los Alamos National Laboratory has found a novel approach for measuring the global scientific enterprise, bit by bit.

    Johan Bollen of LANL’s Mathematical Modeling and Analysis Group led the investigation, published this week as “Clickstream Data Yields High Resolution Maps of Science” in the current issue of the Public Library of Science (PLoS).

    Bollen said the findings may change the way science is funded.

  • LANB president discusses economy

    The economy right now is kind of like a bad pile up on the freeway, said President Steve Wells of Los Alamos National Bank. How bad it is depends on where you are.

    If you’re in that 100-car pile up it’s bad, he said. For drivers towards the rear of all the backed-up traffic, they’re probably complaining like heck. But for those drivers closer up, they can actually see what happened and understand it a little better.

    Others watch the pile up all day on TV, Wells said, and the news these days is like watching every pile up in the world.

  • Roundhouse: A kaleidoscope of art

    There is something special about the Capitol Building in Santa Fe. As the saying goes, there is more to it than what meets the eye. The building is significant for more reasons than just its appearance; it is the only round capitol building in the U.S. It is what the building contains inside that makes it invaluable.

    Walking down corridors, climbing up stairs and entering offices, the evidence of the Capitol’s significance is everywhere. It is like viewing a collage, or spinning kaleidoscope of the art world in New Mexico.

  • American Legion celebrates 90 years

    The American Legion will observe its founding today.

    While the celebration will be simple, a few blue and gold balloons will hang from the local post’s marquee and a sign recognizing the legion turning 90 will be displayed, it will honor a very long and successful history of helping veterans and the community.

    Since its founding in 1919, more than 15,000 American Legion Posts have sprung up throughout the United States to serve veterans, their families and children in local communities.

  • Honoring scouts and raising funds

    The work of the Boy Scouts of America never ends and their fundraising efforts continue with their annual giving campaign, called Friends of Scouting.

    Paul Rhien, Northern New Mexico district executive, said many exciting things are happening in the district.

    “We are more and more able to expand our program and include more and more youth from the Española and Taos communities,“ he said.

  • Alpine Laser Dental marks 10 years of service

    Dr. Curtis Brookover, DDS, and his staff at Alpine Laser Dental are celebrating a decade of service to the community.

    Brookover recently took time to reflect on the industry’s technological advances of recent years.

    “Dentistry today is vastly different from what it was just 15 or 20 years ago, though public perception still hasn’t caught up with the advances the field of dentistry has made,” he said. “Dentistry has moved beyond only the teeth in facilitating our patients achieve health and wellness.”

  • New Mexico drops to second

    There was an item in the news recently that New Mexico has fallen out of first place.

    Sadly, this is again one of those lists we don’t want to be on.

    Mississippi now has the nation’s highest teen pregnancy rate, displacing us and Texas for that lamentable title.

    Mississippi’s rate was more than 60 percent higher than the national average in 2006, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said. The teen pregnancy rate in Texas and New Mexico is more than 50 percent higher.

  • County working to move forward

    While we think there are serious questions remaining, we applaud the county for its continuing efforts to make the Trinity Place happen.

    If the project really gets going to the level the county believes it will, surely all of us will be winners.

    In these tough economic times, to accomplish such a feat would be a real achievement.

    Agree or disagree, the work and perseverance put into the plan by county officials should only bring acknowledgement for a some hard work.

    Good choice