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  • Update 06-10-11

    Democrat meeting
    On June 16, from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.,  the Democratic Party of Los Alamos will meet at Mesa Public Library in Rm. 3.

    DPU meeting
    The Board of Public Utilities will meet at 5:30 p.m. June 15 at 170 Central Park Square.

    Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. the community is invited to come downtown to enjoy music, dance blow-up playgrounds, a giant sand pile for kids, car show and other family friendly entertainment.

    Flag Day
    Flag Day will be celebrated at the Elks Club on Trinity Drive, Tuesday at 6 p.m.

  • LANL employee to serve as governor's science advisor

    Christina B. Behr-Andres has been selected to serve as science advisor to New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez. Behr-Andres will aid in development and promotion of science and technology policies for economic and educational opportunities, among other responsibilities in her new role.
    “We are pleased that the governor’s office has once again expressed confidence in the scientific expertise of Los Alamos National Laboratory by selecting a member of our staff to serve as science advisor,” said Director Charlie McMillan. “I extend my sincere congratulations to Tina Behr-Andres. I know the state and its citizens will be well-served by her abilities.”

  • Broadband concept has appeal

    Whether Los Alamos gets community broadband is largely dependant on public input, and every effort is being made to garner as much as possible.

    “I want people to feel they are being heard and that their input is valuable,” said John Jones, IT project manager for Los Alamos County.

    So far the response has been very positive.

    Educating residents about the benefits of community broadband is part of the process.

    The more you understand how quickly technology is advancing, the more you realize the need for this,” Jones said.

  • Firefighters finally catch break in Arizona

    SPRINGERVILLE, Ariz.  — For the first time in more than a week, crews made some headway in the fight against a major wildfire in Arizona’s eastern mountains that destroyed dozens of buildings and kept thousands of evacuees away from their homes.
    Officials said the 603-square-mile blaze was 5 percent contained, after helicopters and a large air tanker dropped fire retardant and ground crews lit blazes to burn up combustible materials nearby. They said among the buildings destroyed so far were 22 homes in the resort community of Greer, and five others were damaged.
    Fire information officer Jim Whittington said unfortunately, losing homes to wildfires has become too common.

  • In quest of some shade

    Three deer found their way to this Yucca Street residence to get some shade and protection from the sun.
    With the dry conditions, there is a good chance the deer were looking for water as well.

  • Six teens arrested on burglary charges

    Five Los Alamos juveniles and a youth from Jemez Springs were charged with burglary Wednesday in connection with break-ins reported at three homes on North Road.
    Los Alamos Deputy Police Chief Kevin Purtymun said the suspects included two 14, two 15 and two 16-year-old boys.
    “They split into teams of two and knocked on doors to see if anyone was home,” Purtymun said.
    The youth took off running after knocking on a door in which a woman answered and threatened to call police. The youth were caught at 1:40 p.m., shortly after police began receiving burglary reports from the area. The teenagers were referred to the juvenile probation officer.

  • LA leaders endorse Wilson candidacy

    Seventeen local leaders came out publicly Thursday to endorse Republican Heather Wilson in her candidacy for the U.S. Senate. She is seeking Democratic Sen. Jeff Bingaman’s seat who is retiring next year.

    Wilson’s endorsers noted her leadership in response to the Cerro Grande Fire, which devastated Los Alamos in May 2000 as well as her support for the national laboratories and their role in the nation’s defense.

  • Gary Johnson’s curious campaign for president

    It has now been almost a month and a-half since former Gov. Gary Johnson announced his candidacy for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination, yet it’s still unclear why he’s running.
    A Gallup poll last week attempted to measure the name recognition among rank and file Republicans of the real or rumored potential candidates for the party’s nomination.
    Johnson came in dead last, trailing even a former pizza chain executive, Herman Cain, who recently made it official that he also seeks the GOP nomination.

  • Happy Valentine's Day

    Happy Valentine’s Day! Happy Memorial Day! Have a wonderful Fourth of July and a great Mother’s Day!
    What’s that you say? Memorial Day has passed us by and it’s not July yet?
    Well, why must our lives be so regulated that we can only celebrate something on a single day? There’s no law against giving your sweetheart a box of chocolates in June.
    If you feel patriotic, wave the flag and stoke up that barbeque in December. Send your mother a card every month telling her how much you love her. And seriously, is there any good reason to only celebrate Isaac Newton’s birthday just once a year?
    Okay, so maybe we don’t want kids randomly showing up at our doorstep asking for candy every other weekend.

  • Religion listings 06-10-11

    Baha’i Faith
    For information, e-mail losalamosla@gmail.com. For general information, call the Baha’i Faith phone at 1-800-228-6483.

    Bethlehem Lutheran
    Bethlehem Evangelical Lutheran Church, a member of the ELCA, 2390 North Road, 662-5151; see a map at www.bethluth.com. Summer worship at 9 a.m., fellowship with refreshments following at 10:15. The preaching is biblical, the music is lively, children are welcome and abundant and a well-staffed nursery is provided. All are welcome! Come join the Family.
    Bryce Ave. Presbyterian
    The church is located at 3333 Bryce Ave. The Rev. Henry Fernandez preaches, www. bapca.org, info@bapca.org. For information, call 672-3364.