Today's News

  • Current SOS insisted on exit audit resulting in indictments against predecessor

    Following her election to secretary of state in November, former Bernalillo County Clerk Mary Herrera requested audits of the office she was leaving as well as the office she would assume Jan. 1

    “I insisted,” Herrera said during a presentation to Los Alamos Democrats gathered at Mesa Public Library Thursday evening. “I want to make it clear that I was a big supporter of Rebecca Vigil-Giron … I used to campaign for her … I wanted her to leave office as a hero.”

  • Thousands extend their helping hands

    Hurricane Katrina sowed a lot of destruction but from the wreckage grew compassion and civic action.

     In 2005 this storm did not do what the weathermen and everyone else thought it was going to do. Instead of following the projected path, it headed straight into New Orleans.

    Levies were broken, wind moved objects that one would think wouldn’t move and a city was flooded. In a city known for having its own soul, it seemed like everything was lost.

  • Survey finds alcohol use down, pot smoking up at secondary schools

    Teenagers have healthier thoughts about alcohol than they did a few years ago, according to a survey conducted by Los Alamos public schools.

    Among the most positive results, the survey discovered a significant drop in alcohol use in the majority of the midle and high school grades compared to a survey from three years ago.

    Morris Pongratz of Assets in Action, presented the results of a Search Institute Survey of students for 2009.

    Pongratz praised the Los Alamos Police Department for being “pro-active” in dealing with underage drinking.

  • Life can be very taxng

    It would be very entertaining to resurrect the Founding Fathers – the guys who fought to build a nation that would not suffer taxation without representation – and see the expressions on their faces when they see what that ideology has spawned.  Taxation “with” representation is our credo and we certainly do have representation.  Boy, do we have representation!  


    More so than most people realize.


  • Delinquent utility accounts to be written off

    Debt collection is no easy task, not even for the county of Los Alamos. The Department of Public Utilities has tried to collect roughly $30,000 in unpaid debt to no avail.

    After unsuccessfully attempting to collect the money owed to them, the DPU is now ready to move forward and write-off those accounts. During Tuesday night’s county council meeting, councilors approved the write-offs.

  • Boys soccer: LA likes its chances in AAAA

    To say that the Los Alamos Hilltopper boys soccer team is looking forward to the 2009 season would be something of an understatement.

    Following a big season in 2008, the Hilltoppers like their chances to make a push to a state title in 2009. They feel good about this season despite some key losses to graduation after last season.

    “I’m excited,” Los Alamos head coach Evan Gartz said. “I’ve known we’d improve. Every year we get better and better. This year is no exception.”

  • Conserve now, renewables for the long term

     The authors of the “Think twice ….” op-ed (Monitor, July 16, 2009) were correct in stating that at the current human consumption rate today’s scale of renewable energy production is devastatingly bleak.

    Sharon Begley (Newsweek, March 23) summarized the outlook in scientific and engineering terms: “We cannot get there from here.”

  • Concert series to conclude Friday

    The Band of Heathens are not afraid of taking a walk on the wild side, but no worries, they won’t meander far enough to get kicked out of town, Los Alamos Summer Concert Series organizer Russ Gordon said.

    This is a real plus for Los Alamos residents because “I think they have damn good music,” Gordon said. “They’re exciting, good energy and good music.”

    The band, which originated from Austin, Texas, will perform their music at 7 p.m. Friday at Ashley Pond.

  • Time to party

    The congregation at Trinity on the Hill Episcopal Church has put a lot of work into the new Kelly Hall.

    Money has been raised, walls were constructed and landscaping has been planted.

    With the upstairs of the new hall completed and just a few items left to do on the downstairs level, the time seems right to celebrate what the congregation accomplished. Yep, it’s time to party.

  • PEN&INKee^POSSIBILITIES:Putting the stopper on creative osmosis

    It rained this afternoon and the moisture made the night air cool and crisp, but it feels stifling in my apartment.

    My home’s airless atmosphere reflects my present mind. I keep looking at the blinking cursor on the computer screen and wonder what should be my next word. Writer’s block feels suffocating. I can’t think of anything to write, my only thought is how long my creative limitations are stretching out at the moment.