Today's News

  • Mountain’s new principal believes excellence lives at the school

    Gerry Washburn is well acquainted with Mountain Elementary School. He got his start there in the education field teaching a fourth and fifth grade combination in 1997.

    Washburn went on to teach fifth grade and then sixth grade at Mountain for several years and was team teaching sixth grade with Mountain teacher Laura Patterson when the Cerro Grande Fire hit.

    He and Patterson became heavily involved in the Volunteer Task Force and the Quemazon Nature Trail. They worked with hundreds of students to repair area hills and trails damaged by the fire.

  • Swimmers pick up more than medals in the competition pool

    The local contingency of swimmers that participated in the 2009 Senior Olympics in Las Cruces at the end of May found success with three participants winning medals in 20 events.

    The participants included longtime Los Alamos residents Dan Miles and Bill and Maureen Hudson.

    The Hudsons both participated in the 80-84 age group. Bill is a former coach of the Los Alamos High School swim team and he helped coach himself and his wife.

    Bill took first place in the 50-yard, 100-yard and 200-yard breaststroke and he took second place in the 50, 100 and 200 freestyle.

  • Blowing out 100 candles on the birthday cake

    Zetha Warren turned 100 years old Friday and her birthday was marked with numerous celebrations. Warren, who is a resident of Sombrillo Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, had a birthday party with family and friends at the nursing center and later celebrated with about 40 family members at White Rock Methodist Church.

  • Putting Assetes Into Action: 40 never looked so good

    This week we look at the next 20 steps on the path, the External Assets. These are the Assets that as adults on the sidelines, we can directly impact.

    These are the easy assets, the ones we don’t have to make too much of an effort to demonstrate. Think about it, honesty, integrity, responsibility, you may occasionally have to intentionally think about them, but it doesn’t take much to do the right thing.

  • LAHS students represent LA in national competition

    History does not remain in the past, stuck on some dusty, ignored library shelf. Recently, students all over the country proved just how important and relevant the subject is during the National History Day competition held June 13-18 at the University of Maryland.

    Several Los Alamos students participated in the competition. Hannah Denever and Ellen Rabin competed in the senior group exhibit category and Lizzie Wasileska and Shannon Burns each entered in the senior individual documentary category.

  • Oklahoma team takes first place in LANL's Hazmat challenge

    The results are in from the 13th annual Hazmat Challenge, hosted this week by Los Alamos National Laboratory. The competition featured hazardous response teams from New Mexico and Oklahoma.

    This year’s first place winner was the Midwest City, Oklahoma Fire Department with the Farmington Fire Department in second place and Española Fire Department coming in third.

    “Last year, Farmington won and Midwest City came in second,” Brad Lounsbury said. He is a longtime hazardous materials technician and the LANL hazardous devices team leader.

  • Our View: Calling all scientists

    In a community where science is both bread and butter, both vocation and avocation, topics like the role and standing of science and scientists in society receive relatively little attention.

  • When the well runs dry

    Last week the nation’s governors met in Biloxi, Miss., for the National Governors Association’s summer convention.

    And guess what? They all said they were broke.

    Surprise, surprise.

    And a message they sent loud and clear is that the states cannot afford to pick up any extra expenses.

    There has been some talk in Congress that the states should be forced to make up some of the expenses that the feds are now paying, from health care to national security.

  • Webcam installed at skate park

    Teens hoping to keep up with their friends at the skate park are getting a little help from a surprising source.

    Those who are curious can now log on to the county’s Web site and view the park and its users, whenever they want. About a month and a half ago, a camera was installed at the park and is accessible via a link on the county Web site.

    The camera is focused on the skate park and shows users skating, as well as portions of the parking lot where the Farmers’ Market is held.

  • Wednesday’s storm only felt intense

    While Wednesday night’s thunderstorm felt intense, meteorologist Scot Johnson from Los Alamos National Laboratory said this morning that it really wasn’t anything too special.

    “We did have a front come in that passed through from the north to the south and that always feels more impacting,” Johnson said this morning. “The wind blast was just under 40 mph, which is pretty normal although we haven’t had that for a while. The rain only totaled about one third of an inch.”