Today's News

  • Who made these?

    Find out about the artist who created these paintings and about her upcoming exhibit here in Los ALamos in Thursday's Kaleidoscope.

  • LAHS freshmen get assistance to succeed in high school from senior sidekicks

    For freshmen in high school, it’s pretty common to feel a little lost once they walk through the school’s doors. Some of their questions might be: Where are the classrooms, what are the best schedules, what clubs and activities are best to be involved in.   

    Luckily, the Youth Mobilizers, a program administrated by the Family YMCA, has come up with a resource to answer these and other questions – from the real experts on these issues.  

    And just who are these walking encyclopedias of high school information? They are high school seniors.

  • Women: Are we there yet?

     Each year, on Aug. 26, we celebrate Women’s Equality Day to pay tribute to those brave suffragists, like Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Alice Paul and Ida B. Wells Barnett, who led the struggle for American women to win the most critical tool of democracy ­­- the right to vote.

    Women today not only have the right to vote, but we’ve made significant advances in the world of work, in education, in business and in many other arenas.

    Still, Women’s Equality Day 2009 offers the chance for a temperature check.

  • Father of Meson Accelerator Louis Rosen dies

    Renowned Los Alamos National Laboratory scientist Louis Rosen died in his sleep at 6:30 p.m. Thursday from complications of a subdural hematoma.

    Rosen, 91, apparently fell in the early hours of Saturday Aug. 15 at his Los Alamos home. He was airlifted to UNM Medical Center in Albuquerque where he remained until late Thursday afternoon.

  • Historic investment led to long-term power dividend

    Walk into a dark room at midnight, flip the switch, and the light blazes forth.

    Electric power, a willing and dependable servant, comes on thousands of times a day in Los Alamos County—and it only costs 9.07 cents per kilowatt hour (kWh) for a residential customer.

    By contrast, Los Alamos Utilities Director John Arrowsmith said in a recent interview, on the spot market, purchased power has run as much as 12 cents per kWh in the past year.

  • New fire chief officially badged in special ceremony

    Fire and police officials, cadets and local dignitaries turned out to honor new Los Alamos Fire Chief Douglas Tucker at his badge pinning ceremony Thursday afternoon.

    Tucker’s wife Kelley pinned the shiny gold badge on her husband’s uniform.

    Fire Chief Douglas MacDonald, “Chief Mac,’ was at the event, making his first public appearance and looking tanned and healthy and 10 years younger since retiring last month.

    “This is wonderful,” he said of the event, “Doug Tucker’s a great guy.”

  • School gets off to rousing start

    Superintendent Gene Schmidt is pleased with how things are going as the first week of the 2009-10 school year kicks into high gear. It could have been a complete fiasco what with the heavy construction underway on major arterial roadways and many construction projects ramping down throughout the district.

  • The little things in life count most for Theresa Dabney

    Family and friends, working with kids and being a part of the Los Alamos community are the things that put a smile on the face of Theresa Dabney, store manager at Ruby K’s Bagel Shop. 

    Dabney has just come back to town and her job after six months in Denver, where she got to play Grandma for her youngest daughter’s new baby Jake. She is grateful for the fact that Ruby K’s owners, Ruby Alexander and Kelly Parker, let her have the time and then welcomed her back a few days ago.

  • Summer months are deadliest for DWI incidents

    State, local and national law enforcement officials are ganging up on intoxicated drivers again this season.

    Last year’s traffic crashes in New Mexico claimed the lives of 118 people during the months of June, July, August and September – 56 of which were alcohol-related, according to the state transportation department.

  • Local organizations to receive tourism money

    The Los Alamos Commerce and Development Corporation and the Los Alamos Ski Club join other New Mexico non-profit organizations and local and tribal governments to share in $1 million awarded this fiscal year through the New Mexico Tourism Department’s annual Cooperative Marketing Program. 

    The LACDC will receive $15,000 from its consortium application and the Los Alamos Ski Club will receive $2,900.