Today's News

  • Fair to help Los Alamos stay healthy

    Being healthy has its challenges. It can be tough to remember to get your flu shot, schedule every doctor’s check-up and eat nutritious foods. Luckily, the Los Alamos Heart Council, the Los Alamos Medical Center and the Los Alamos County Library System are extending a helping hand. These agencies are bringing health care services to the public and conveniently located them under one roof.  

  • Breaking News: Former employees of Medical Associates of Northern New Mexico under investigation

    Search warrant results were filed in District Court Thursday and today as part of a Los Alamos Police investigation into possible prescription fraud by former employees of Medical Associates of Northern New Mexico.

    According to the search warrants involving Fairview Pharmacy in Espanola and Los Alamos Medical Center Pharmacy, a doctor and several medical assistants at Medical Associates of Northern New Mexico are suspected of involvement in the issuing of fraudulent prescriptions for schedule two narcotics.

  • Cross country: Topper teams have solid showings

    All of the Los Alamos Hilltopper sub-varsity boys and girls cross country teams placed in the top three at this weekend’s Rio Rancho Jamboree.

    The Los Alamos C team girls won their team competition Saturday at Rio Rancho, just missing out on a perfect score. The junior varsity girls took second behind Albuquerque Academy, while the boys JV and C team both finished third in their team competitions.

  • Pion students recognized for work in reading

    Piñon Elementary School students were recognized recently for their efforts in reading.

    The students’ work ethic will demonstrate that with self-discipline they can succeed academically and socially in future years.

    “Their work ethic is a model for all students,” Principal Megan Lee said. “Most students read many books and others practiced math skills, learned about science and even created a blog about the environment.”

  • Register for UNM-PNM state-wide mathematics contest

    The University of New Mexico, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, and the PNM Foundation have announced the UNM-PNM Statewide Mathematics Contest for the 2009-2010 school year. The goal of the contest is to promote mathematics education in New Mexico by rewarding students, teachers and their schools for mathematics excellence. Approximately 1,500 New Mexico students benefit from this program annually.

  • Prescription pill probe proceeds

    Search warrant results were filed in District Court Thursday and Monday as part of a Los Alamos Police investigation into possible prescription fraud by former employees of Medical Associates of Northern New Mexico.

    “The employees named in the investigation and Dr. Alladi are no longer employed by Medical Associates of Northern New Mexico,” Dr. Carolyn Linnebur said this morning.

  • Seeing the big picture

    “If you’re looking at quality of life … (and) not looking at a cultural context … you’re going to miss the boat,” said Mimi Roberts. Roberts administers the partnership between New Mexico Department of Cultural Affairs and the Media Arts Program at New Mexico Highlands University. She spoke to the Leadership Los Alamos class Friday at Bandelier National Monument.

    So how do you catch the cultural boat? With a little bit of awareness, sensitivity and curiosity.

  • In your dreams

    Do you ever ride the bus in the morning, trying to figure out what last night’s dream meant? If so, your bus driver may be able to help.

    “Dreams are pictures of feelings that parallel waking life,” said Eugene Kovalenko, Ph.D., a Los Alamos school bus driver who has developed a simple way to find meaning from dreams, called the CREEI Method.  

  • The Obama apologists have it wrong

    Myth:  Obama doesn’t want government-run healthcare.  

    Fact: Obama is on tape recorded as saying, “I happen to be a proponent of a single payer universal health care program.  I see no reason why the United States of America, the wealthiest country in the history of the world, spending 14 percent of its Gross National Product on health care, cannot provide basic health insurance to everybody. “

    Gee, sounds like socialized medicine to me. You decide.

    Myth: The current leadership is not pushing us towards socialism.

  • Eliminate redudancy but do the math

    Marita K. Noon either made a serious writing error in her recent Guest Column, “Eliminate redundancy to fix the budget,” or else she needs a substantive remedial course in elementary mathematics.

      She quotes Oil Conservation Director Fesmire as “sputtering,” that “... the OCD annual budget was only about 4 percent of the state’s budget PROBLEMS” (emphasis added).