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  • Sometimes hot tea and honey are fine

    The colder weather this time of year heralds the anticipation of things such as winter sports, planning for family get-togethers, kids counting the days to winter break and maybe stocking up on hot tea and honey for that inevitable, annoying sore throat. 

    As we enter this season it might be a good idea to have a clearer understanding of what a sore throat, or pharyngitis, actually is and when to be concerned enough to call for an appointment or just treat the symptoms at home.

  • Top 10 Topper contests of 2011

    Win or lose, the Los Alamos Hilltopper teams are usually fun to watch and 2011 was no exception.

    But the Hilltopper diamond squads made sure fans were paying attention. Los Alamos’ baseball and softball teams picked up a total of three nods on this year’s top sports contests.

  • Poetry corner

    “Oh what a life,
    the life of a teen.
    You’re too young and too
    to know anything.
    You can’t possibly know what
    love is.
    You don’t know how it feels.
    Your dreams are too big.
    You don’t know what is real.”
    But I see all the problems.
    I realize life’s hard.
    I love him to death
    and can’t see us apart.
    My dreams may be big
    but I’ll shoot for the stars
    and I’ll always have hope
    and strive to go far.
    “You act without thought,
    don’t consider consequence,
    doing things that seem
    You lack common sense.

  • Engagement: Arnpriester-Simmonds




  • 01-01-12 Word on the Street
  • Teens helps brighten the holidays

    For approximately 10 years, the parishioners of Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Church have made Christmas a happier time of year for children in the surrounding areas.
    One way in which they make a difference is through the Angel Tree, a large Christmas tree that stands in the entrance of the church from Thanksgiving until the middle of December. Every year, approximately 1,000 tags are placed on the branches of the tree. The tags have a child’s age and gender and what they want for Christmas. Parishioners take as many tags off the tree as they like and purchase the appropriate gift.
    Cathy Kohlrust, Youth Ministry assistant director, has been the Angel Tree organizer since 2006.

  • Weather extremes dominate state headlines

    ALBUQUERQUE (AP) — It was a year of extremes for New Mexico, with dramatic weather dominating the headlines from start to finish in 2011.

    The year began with a deep freeze that plunged the state into a subzero tundra for several days, leaving an estimated 32,000 homes and businesses without natural gas. The double whammy of record cold temperatures and the natural gas shortage cost insurance companies more than $55 million in claims.

  • Fashion maven: Start the New Year off right

    I   don’t know about you, but I’m already planning my New Year’s resolutions. An important one is that I will keep helping you improve your sense of style. To start the New Year, I will give you some general fashion tips that will help any outfit look a bit better.
    Tip number 1: When it comes to tops, no matter what your shape is, you should not be walking around in something that is not tailored or doesn’t have a waist. Basically, if on the hanger the shirt looks like a big fabric square, it goes in the bin.
    Instead, find something that is tailored to accentuate your waist or something that is cinched at the waist. This can easily be accomplished with a belt.

  • More twists, turns in CMRR project

    More than a dozen years in the making and seemingly stymied and stalled at just about every turn, the storied saga of the Los Alamos National Laboratory’s plans for a Chemistry Metallurgy Research Replacement facility continued to play out like a roller coaster ride in slow motion. 

    The ups and downs for the CMRR facility grabbed headlines once again in 2011.

  • Teamwork made a difference in 2011

    Seventh of a series


    The collaboration between Police Chief Wayne Torpy and Fire Chief Doug Tucker made a significant impact on the community last year. Most importantly during the Las Conchas Fire.

    Together, Tucker and Torpy made every major decision during the fire from when to order the mandatory evacuation of June 27 to the repopulation of July 3 and countless more in between.