Today's News

  • A shady problem

    We’re probably too late to solve this, but the problem is ice buildup and dangerous walking on the shady side of downtown buildings, along Central Avenue especially. When snow falls, the county does a good job of clearing, but when cars are already in the lots, the snow gets packed down and turns to ice.

    The snow on the north-facing curbs turns to ice and remains there till spring.

  • Democracies fail too

    We in the United States operated under the delusion that the constitutional democracy begun more than 200 years ago can never fail. I’m sure the Romans thought the same in the days before the empire.

    Members of Congress waste about 75 percent of their time on bickering, political posturing and getting reelected. Presidents issue executive orders and institute secret programs than violate our constitution and our laws.

    Most Americans don’t bother voting or don’t bother informing themselves about candidates and issues before they do so.

  • Citizen scientists welcome here

    The term “citizen scientist” is in vogue these days. Citizen scientists are defined as volunteers, many without specific scientific training, who perform or manage research-related tasks such as observation, measurement, compilation or computation.

  • Don't miss this week's Police Beat

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    MIAMI (AP) — The New Orleans Saints turned the Super Bowl's postgame celebration into something out of the French Quarter.

    From the trophy podium on the field, Drew Brees blew kisses and caught confetti raining down as Dr. John and Professor Longhair blared from the stadium speakers. Sean Payton hung over the railing clapping and shouting down to the crowd as if he were rolling on a Mardi Gras float, then waved a newspaper with the banner headline "WORLD CHAMPS."

    Who are the champions? The New Orleans Saints, dat's who.

  • NM emissions bill in limbo

    SANTA FE, N.M. (AP) — A House panel has tabled legislation that would lay the groundwork for New Mexico's participation in a future cap-and-trade program.

    More than two dozen people pleaded with lawmakers last week not to pass the measure, arguing it could cripple businesses and lead to higher utility bills.

    Supporters say the measure would not set an emissions cap but rather give regulators the authority to establish rules for early emissions reduction credits and voluntary offsets.

  • Wrestling: LA ties for sixth at home tourney

    With just a week remaining before its most important competition of the season, the Los Alamos Hilltopper wrestling team wanted to post a good showing at home Saturday.

    And while Los Alamos was, for the most part, able to accomplish that in the Bryan Sanchez Memorial Invitational, the team took more than its share of lumps as well.

    At the tournament, held in Auxiliary Gym, the Hilltoppers finished tied for sixth in team competition, grabbing 110 team points and earning four medals.

  • Boys basketball: LA routs Taos at home Saturday

    Both the Los Alamos Hilltopper boys basketball team and the Taos Tigers wanted to start Saturday’s game well and both did. But only the Hilltoppers were able to sustain it.

    Los Alamos survived an initial push by Taos in a District 2AAAA game Saturday night. Spearheaded by Max Suazo, the Tigers held the lead several times throughout the first 4 minutes of Saturday’s ballgame.

  • Swimming and diving: Boys, girls earn wins in 4 Corners

    The Los Alamos Hilltopper boys and girls swimming and diving teams earned big road wins Saturday.

    Taking part in the Farmington Invitational Saturday, the Hilltoppers dominated the rest of the field, including a historically solid Farmington Scorpions program.

  • Girls basketball: Toppers survive a scare in Taos

    The Los Alamos Hilltopper girls basketball team survived a closer-than-expected contest Friday night at Taos.

    In the first game of the second leg of the District 2AAAA season, the Hilltoppers had to work hard in the fourth quarter to shake Taos’ Tigers. The Tigers cut the Hilltopper lead down to just one point in the third quarter. But a 20-point final quarter by the Hilltoppers gave them a 52-41 victory on the road.