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  • NEWS ALERT: Art Center turmoil escalates
  • Life is sweet?

    Is life sweet? Yes, it is, according to Mike Leigh, the director of the award winning 1991 British film, “Life is Sweet.”  

    This film is not about the genteel Britain of “Upstairs, Downstairs” or Jane Austen, but is a raw, edgy and darkly comedic film about a working class family in contemporary London suburbia.  

  • Art Center turmoil escalates

    The first rumblings of turmoil that bubbled to the surface last spring at the Art Center at Fuller Lodge has now reached a boiling point with a growing number of board members and patrons cutting ties with the troubled organization.

    Former Chairman Phil Kilgour resigned in June following a contentious board meeting the previous month at which he flipped a large table over, screaming, “This is anarchy, anarchy, I’m the chairman, let me chair, this is anarchy.”

  • The quest for economic vitality

    County councilors had widely differing perspectives Tuesday night, as they took aim at the next leg of the county’s economic journey.

    The original Economic Development Strategic Plan was approved in 1993 and has guided economic activities since then, but times have changed and some of the 142 or more strategic tasks that were to be accomplished have been crossed off the list.

  • Museum to receive Hewett award

    The New Mexico History Museum will receive the New Mexico Association of Museums’ Hewett Award on Thursday during the group’s annual meeting in Santa Fe. Also receiving a Hewett is Louise Stiver, retired senior curator of the History Museum, whose Fashioning New Mexico exhibit is on display through April 14, 2010.

  • Root out the political influence of money

    There was a time when I believed that the best way to curtail the impact of money flowing into our political system was to monitor it. Make sure that campaign contributions and lobbying expenditures were reported quickly and accurately, I reasoned, and journalists and the American public could determine for themselves what they could tolerate.

  • Breaking News: LAHS Principal Grace Brown Announces Retirement

  • The games afoot at the Little Theatre

    Sherlock Holmes first appeared in print in 1887. The character’s tremendous popularity led to the publication of four novels and 56 short stories. In December 1893, Arthur Conan Doyle and William Gillette wrote “The Final Problem,” the story in which they killed off the world’s most famous detective, in a fight to the death with his archnemesis, the evil genius Dr. Moriarty. Holmes devotees around the world protested, wore black armbands and begged the author to resurrect their hero. Doyle finally revived Holmes in 1903.

  • News Alert: DOH reports H1N1 claims life of 11-year-old Bernalillo County boy

  • Don’t hover! Give kids a chance to learn on own

    This week we take a look at Asset #32, planning and Asset #33, decision making. Earlier this week, I had a call from a parent who had me change my focus for this week.

    I would like to focus on kids who have poor decision-making skills or don’t plan and how we as adults relate to them.

    As adults, we need to help kids take responsibility for their actions, without going down one of two bad paths.