Today's News

  • Students avoid LANL budget cutbacks

    The Los Alamos National Laboratory Integrated Stewardship made some decisions regarding its student hiring process, according to the lab’s internal website this week.

    The LISC, which is trying to make financial decisions in order to achieve $200 million in savings across the lab, announced it would not be mandating specific cuts to the number of students or require a specific cost reduction to student programs.

  • Montaño talks about life in Los Alamos

    Editor’s note: This is the third installment of a three part series.

    Chuck Montaño began his LANL career June 1, 1978 working in the Special Nuclear Materials and Safeguards Division. He tracked the movement of all nuclear materials at the lab, conducting periodic audits to ensure materials were where they should be, he said.  

    Montaño raised his family in Los Alamos. Together with wife Elaine and children Carlos and Carla, both Los Alamos High School graduates, the Montaños lived in the Western Area and Barranca Mesa for 20 years. 

  • Putting on a Shine

    Firefighters at Station 3 in White Rock swab the driveway and put a shine on department vehicles Thursday.

  • Residents get peek at latest Nature Center Design

    Sixty citizens eager to view the latest design for a Los Alamos Nature Center filled Fuller Lodge Thursday night.

    Catalyst Architecture’s Jeffrey Zucker presented a review of his firm’s work for the Phase 1 CIP process, culminating in a final design that represents the public input received in the first two meetings.

    The new design is site-specific for the location that was overwhelmingly preferred by the public in the first presentation, the old skateboard park on Canyon Road. It now incorporates the desired features of the earlier designs, the Lodge (reminiscent of Fuller Lodge’s rustic look) and the Fibonacci (loosely based of the spiral found in natural objects like pine cones).

  • T-Board arrives at 502 proposal

    The Transportation Board finalized its deliberations Thursday on a recommendation for the N.M. 502 roadway project between Airport Road and the DP Road intersection.

    A staff recommendation combining features from four options presented by the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) received five votes of approval, with the chair abstaining and Wayne Hardie voting no.

    County Engineer/Traffic Engineer Kyle Zimmerman presented the staff proposal, which was soon labeled “the Zimmerman option.” The option calls for one westbound lane as far as the DP Road intersection, and the two eastbound lanes to narrow just before the Canyon Road intersection, with a center median with left turn bays and pedestrian refuges.

  • Dribble-Drive

    Hilltopper Hayley Each drives through the Bernalillo defense during Tuesday night’s game at Griffith Gymnasium. Each had a team-high 15 points against Bernalillo. Tonight, the Hilltoppers (10-9 overall, 1-0 in 2-4A) travel to play the Santa Fe Demons (10-5, 1-0) who pulled off a big upset win over the Española Valley Sundevils. Tonight’s game is scheduled for 7 p.m. at Toby Roybal Gymnasium.

  • State Notes 01-20-12

    Aggies’ Turner to enter NFL draft this year

  • New youth lacrosse league set to debut in the spring

    A new sports league is planning to make its debut in Los Alamos this spring.
    Los Alamos Volcano Lacrosse is currently accepting registrations for youth players in hopes of playing competitively this year. The season is scheduled from March through May.
    Lacrosse, an outdoor field game that is similar to the European sport of team handball, but employs the use of small baskets attached to sticks, is one of the original sports played on the North American continent. The origins of lacrosse can be dated back approximately 4,000 years to Native American tribes living in modern-day Canada.

  • Expect fireworks during session

    Expect fireworks from the 2012 Legislature even though everyone promises to be nicer.
    The thaw in relations began when Republicans, Democrats and Gov. Susana Martinez reached some agreements late in the redistricting process.
    Short 30-day legislative sessions were created for the purpose of building the following fiscal year’s budget.
    The governor and Republican lawmakers would like to see tax breaks for businesses and Democrats want to reinstate some program cuts.
    Now that the word — compromise — seems to be less onerous, a few tax cuts and a few increases in previously cut programs may be on the horizon.

  • I'm too pretty to do math

     I stocked up on supplies from Smith’s today and took advantage of Smith’s Savings Card sales.
     The total at the cash register was $101.04, but with my savings card I saved $103.54.
    So as I figure it, I actually made $2.50 ­— now that’s a real deal!
    Sadly, this type of arithmetical absurdity would be just one example of how our nation is rapidly sinking into a black hole of math.  
    Computers and calculators have replaced neural connections and many people are now chained to them in a prison of innumeracy.  
    Cash registers in fast food restaurants have pictures to help the workers figure manage (click here for burger, click here for cheese, click here for lobotomy.)