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  • County launches tourism initiative

    Los Alamos County is launching an online marketing effort to better educate local tourism industry employees about the city “where discoveries are made.” Subsequently, the county officials hope knowledgeable employees will incite a desire in visitors to discover even more about Los Alamos’ history and attractions, while dispelling any misnomers they may have with facts.

  • LANL Foundation gives grants to public schools

    The Los Alamos National Laboratory Foundation has announced $2.1 million in grants to public schools in seven Northern New Mexico counties to teach science, technology, engineering and mathematics.
    The educational area, known as STEM, promotes teacher training, curriculum development, technology in the classroom and support to students in preparation for STEM careers.
    The Foundation Educational Enrichment grants are awarded to school districts based on the percentage of laboratory and contractor employees living within the school districts in Los Alamos, Santa Fe, Rio Arriba, Taos, San Miguel, Sandoval and Mora counties.

  • North Mesa power out for five hours

    Power was interrupted to North Mesa beginning at 11:18 a.m. Tuesday when a contractor digging with a high pressure hose and vacuum exposed and breached one wire of three phase direct bury electric line on the east end of North Mesa, according to officials at the Department of Public Utilities (DPU).
    “About 250 customers were affected, initially,” DPU’s associate engineer for electric distribution Steve Marez said.
    To safely work on the damaged underground line, DPU’s electric linemen brought power down to all three phases of underground cable, while inspection and repair work occurred in the trenched area, which increased the number of North Mesa customers affected from 250 to approximately 750.

  • Fisher outlines daunting challenges to LA growth

    As Economic Vitality Administrator Greg Fisher laid out a number of options for increasing economic development for the county council Tuesday night, he stressed the need for foundational work to make Los Alamos County attractive to potential investors.

    Fisher commended council on economic development plans already in place, and for having goals that all relate to increasing economic activity.

    But Fisher pointed out that Los Alamos has to overcome a number of major obstacles in order to become more attractive for outside investment. 

  • State gets closer to historical park

    Legislation finally has been introduced in Congress to create a Manhattan Project Historical Park. New Mexico Sen. Jeff Bingaman is the prime sponsor.
    The Senate bill is the culmination of a nine-year effort by Bingaman to recognize the founding scientific community of Los Alamos which forever changed the world. Some will say the change was for the worse yet it was a historically significant part of our nation’s history.
    Bingaman’s bill isn’t about honoring the Manhattan Project or about the bomb. It is about the incredible effort the country put forth to remain free and the scientific advances made by unlocking the secrets of atomic energy.

  • New tricks are needed

    Our new dishwasher says, right there in the operator’s manual, to push the start button twice to wash the dishes using the settings from the previous cycle. Push the button once and tiny lights identify the earlier settings. Once understood, this is very nice, even for those of us without previous experience in twice-pushing dishwasher start buttons.
    New appliances come with other surprises that, when the human habit factor is added, may mean those vaunted energy savings are less than the government assures.
    We got the new dishwasher, to start, because we had the money. Then I saw an ad about a Sears Memorial Day weekend sale.

  • LAGC pro to play 17 rounds Thursday

    Donnie Torres is hoping to squeeze in some golf tomorrow. By "some," he means 17 rounds.

    Torres, the head professional at Los Alamos Golf Course, will play The Longest Day of Golf Thursday at LAGC. In doing so, he's hoping to raise close to $4,000 for charitable causes.

    Doing the math, Torres will play 306 holes. If he can get started at around 5:30 a.m., he thinks he can wrap up before the sun sets. He will play exclusively on the front nine at LAGC and give himself credit for being "in the leather" when he nears cups.

    It's a challenge — he's hoping to complete the Longest Day of Golf in about 700 swings, not counting putts — but one he feels he's ready for.

  • Colorado firefighters get break from hot weather

    BELLVUE, Colo. (AP) — Firefighters are making progress on a wildfire burning on more than 100 square miles in northern Colorado that has destroyed more homes than any other in state history, but some residents were on standby Wednesday to be ready to leave because of a spot fire that ignited near the main blaze.

    That spot fire ignited by embers from the main fire has grown to about 200 acres.

  • Today in History for June 20th
  • Rodney King 911 Call Released by Police

    Rodney King's fiancee said in a frantic 911 call that she woke to the sounds of a fall and found him at the bottom of his swimming pool at his Southern California home. King died early Sunday at the age of 47.