Today's News

  • Army cutworm moths invade NM

    New Mexico is being invaded — by moths.

    And Los Alamos County is no exception.

    “We had such a mild winter that the army cutworms fared well over the winter,” said Carlos Valdez, the program director for the New Mexico State University Los Alamos County Cooperative Extension. “They were out in force earlier this spring and people were bringing in the cutworms.”

    Valdez said the worms are “gregarious feeders who like grasses.”

    The results of the worms are the moths and they “don’t feed on anything,” Valdez said. They are mainly interested in mating and they are basically a nuisance.

  • In Other Business...

    National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA)/Department of Energy (DOE) Deputy Director Juan Griego updated council on preparations for the conveyance of Rendija Canyon property to Los Alamos County.

    The 884-acre parcel is scheduled for conveyance April 15, 2013. The “Poor Man’s” Shooting Range could delay the transfer.

    A 4-acre area of the canyon has been used as an illegal shooting range. Trash dumping is also a problem, with everything from computers to an abandoned truck deposited on the site. There is a possibility of significant environmental damage, including lead leached from used bullet casings.

    Attempts to restrict the site have been unsuccessful. Fences and gates are continually vandalized.

  • Trinity Site contract revision tabled

    During Tuesday’s council meeting, Councilor Vincent Chiravalle promoted an ordinance that would have rewritten the Trinity Site contract to give 100 percent of the revenues to Los Alamos Public Schools (LAPS).

    Councilors voted 6-1 to table the ordinance, concerned about possible impacts to the still tenuous contract between the county, North American Development Group (NADG) and Smith’s Marketplace.

    The original contract allocates 52 percent of initial lease revenues to LAPS, increasing to 62 percent over 10 years.  The balance of the revenue goes to the county as rent on property leased to LAPS at the Pajarito Cliffs Site.

  • Inspector General presses for answers on certain lab costs

    The Office of Inspector General issued a report this week which looks into the questioned, unresolved and potentially unallowable costs that have been incurred by the Los Alamos National Laboratory during FY 2008 and 2009.

    The report claims it has identified $2 million in questioned and unresolved costs claimed by Los Alamos during those fiscal years.

    “We also identified more than $437 million in FYs 2008 and 2009 and prior year subcontract costs that were unresolved pending audit or review by Los Alamos’ Internal Audit. Finally we noted other concerns that need to be addressed to ensure that only allowable costs are claimed and reimbursed to Los Alamos,” the report stated.

  • Be There 04-26-12

    The Los Alamos High School Olions present their spring musical at 7 p.m. today, Friday and Saturday at Duane Smith Auditorium. Tickets are $14 for adults, $8 for seniors and students; and can be purchased at Otowi Station Book store or at the door.

  • Thank You 04-26-12

    We thank Los Alamos National Bank again for a very generous contribution to the Gift Fund of the Larry R. Walkup Aquatic Center.
    LANB’s support allows lower-income children and adults in Los Alamos and surrounding communities to have access to our programs of lessons, exercise and recreation.
    During 2011, recipients of all ages were supported by this program and greatly enjoyed using the Aquatic Center.

  • Microchipping clinic Saturday

    An opportunity is available Saturday at the 2012 Dog Jog to participate in a $20 reduced fee microchip clinic. Veterinarians from Animal Clinic of Los Alamos and Ridgeview Veterinary Hospital have donated their time and expertise to implant the microchips.
    The fee includes the registration of the microchip to a database that can be read by shelters and veterinary clinics throughout the United States.
    No sign is up required ahead of time, just stop by Chamisa Elementary School in White Rock from 9-10:30 am. The clinic is open to the public; participation in the Dog Jog is not required.
    The best reason to have an animal micro chipped is the improved chance that the animal will be reunited with its owner if it becomes lost or stolen.

  • Rethinking treatment of horses

    Some months ago, there seemed to be an increase in news stories about mistreated horses: horses starving on drought-blighted open range or neglected in too-small private fields. Horses are such noble animals, I had always thought. How can anybody mistreat a horse?  
    A rancher told me this was happening because of federal regulatory changes that forced the closure of all U.S. horse slaughterhouses. There was no simple way to dispose of a no-longer-useful horse.

  • Stimulating sustainability discussion

    The lights dim. The bass beat is thumping.  The spotlight flashes to life and the announcer roars “Here is the starting lineup for your Environmental Sustainability Board.
    Serving as Board Chair is White Rock resident Liza Ermeling. Assisting as Vice-Chair is Stephen Tenbrink. Rounding out the Board lineup are Larry Warner, Brooke Davis, Walter Tuzel, Steve Boerigter and Don Machen.”
    OK, so the Environmental Sustainability Board members may not be as famous as the starting five of your favorite sports team but we want to change that, at least within the community.  
    The Environmental Sustainability Board serves as an advisory body to the county council on environmental sustainability issues.

  • District singles, doubles titles up for grabs

    The District 2-4A championship tennis tournaments have been something of one-sided affairs of late.
    Los Alamos’ boys and girls teams are undefeated at the district tournament since joining 2-4A in 2000. While in team competition that’s unlikely to change in 2012, the individual tournament could be very competitive.
    The district tournament starts Friday and continues through Saturday in Santa Fe.
    Most of the Hilltopper girls’ top players have elected to combine to play in this year’s doubles draw, leaving the singles competition wide open. Meanwhile, the second and third spots in the boys singles draw appear to be up for grabs as well.