Today's News

  • Restaurant Inspections 06-28-12

    The following restaurant inspection reports were provided by the New Mexico Environment Department.


    Casa Dulce, 1027 N. Riverside Dr.
    Date inspected: June 18, closing
    Status of establishment: Closed, no longer processing.

    Quik Stop #133, Paseo de Oñate
    Date inspected: June 21, closing
    Status of establishment: Closed, can no longer serve food.

    Quik Stop, 1225 Paseo de Oñate
    Date inspected: June 19, closing
    Status of establishment: Closed, no longer Quik Stop, is now Giant.

    Red Door Coffee House, 1318 S. Riverside Dr.
    Date inspected: June 22, closing

  • Spanish Market artists share their work

    Anyone who’s ever been to Spanish Market in Santa Fe knows how popular and crowded the event can be. In fact, the crowds sometimes serve as a deterrent for some who would otherwise attend the event.
    What if there was a way to get a look at some of the artists’ work without having to actually go to Spanish Market? Imagine a smaller, indoor venue where market artists display and sell their creations.
    The Arte Norteño Tradicional Spanish Market Art Show, Sale and Reception will be from 4-8 p.m. Friday at the Nick Salazar Center for the Arts at Northern New Mexico College in Española.

  • Art Center Blues

    The word “rhapsody” is so often associated with music that an art exhibit titled “Rhapsody in Blue” might inspire curiosity. One of the definitions for “rhapsody” is an ecstatic expression of feeling or enthusiasm, which makes it completely appropriate for art. There is, of course, a wave of blue through the Fuller Lodge Art Center gallery and the directions artists adventured with the theme should inspire an appreciation in viewers.

  • All Finn the family

    Sibling rivalry often pushes children to try and out-do one another in various activities such as sports, games and academics. For the Finn family, music is no exception.
    Ryan and Johnny Finn, along with their sister Madeleine Finn Thibodeaux are musicians and siblings. Despite the fact that they all have their own ways of performing music,  they will regroup to bring the sounds of jazz to Fuller Lodge at 7 p.m. Friday.

  • Enchanted Parks

    As the Los Alamos Historic District prepares for the possibility of becoming part of this nation’s first non-contiguous national park, it has the opportunity to look at not only what makes the current national parks so extraordinary, but what has always made north-central New Mexico extraordinary.

  • Youth as teachers

     Youth Earth Service Corps participants were on hand at the Betty Ehart Senior Center last week to talk about their projects, promote the Los Alamos Youth Food Project and solicit volunteers. The youth spent the early part of the day at Sombrillo, planting and building raised beds at the Teen Center.

  • LAPS Foundation awards scholarships

    Editor’s note: This is the first in a series of scholarship winner announcements.

    Ten  students have been awarded the Los Alamos Public Schools Foundation scholarship. Each student selected demonstrated a balance of academic excellence, extracurricular participation and community service throughout their high school career.
    The winners have each selected an educator of distinction — an education professional that had a positive impact on the student’s time in the Los Alamos Public Schools.  

  • Be There 06-28-12

     Join Assets in Action for a brief, free presentation on adding assets to your family, from 11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. in the third floor Casava Meeting Room at the Los Alamos Research Park, 4200 W. Jemez Road. Tips and tools for toddlers through teens will be offered. The free class is open to parents, caregivers or those working with young people in any form. Stop by for five minutes for free resources on the go, or stay for the entire hour for a more in-depth presentation. For more information, call 661-4846 or email AssetsInAction@att.net.

    The White Rock Family Friendly Film Series presents, “Born to be Wild,” at 7 p.m. in the White Rock Town Hall.

  • Glass recycling to kick-off this fall

    At the June meeting of the Environmental Sustainability Board, county staff discussed the addition of a glass drop-off recycling program in the near future.  This program will allow residents to drop-off glass bottles and jars at Sullivan Field, Overlook Convenience Center or the Eco Station to be recycled.
    Glass can’t be placed in blue residential recycling roll carts. Glass placed in the blue residential recycling roll cart will contaminate the mixed recycling stream; resulting in the need to send the entire mixed recycling load to the landfill.

  • Update 06-28-12

    Parents wanted

    Los Alamos Public Schools is looking for parents to try out potential new versions of their websites. Parents new to the community and parents of current elementary, middle and high schoolers are needed.  Email Colin MacArthur at c.macarthur@laschools.net or call 629-0776 to schedule a time to help.

    Movie series

    The White Rock Family Friendly Film Series will present the documentary “Born to be Wild” at 7 p.m. today at the White Rock Town Hall.

    Pool closure

    The Larry R. Walkup Aquatic Center will be closed for maintenance from 7-11 a.m. Friday.