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  • Police: Houston Found Under Water, Unconscious

    Whitney Houston was under water and apparently unconscious when she was found in a hotel bathtub, Beverly Hills police said. She was pulled from the tub by members of her staff, and hotel security was promptly notified, police said.

  • Video: Big Boys Toys on Show in Dubai. (Bring Money)

    It's the ultimate show for boys - big boys that is. The toys here aren't pocket change prices, these are the playthings of the super-rich.

  • CMRR project to be deferred five years

    The Chemistry and Metallurgy Research Replacement Nuclear Facility (CMRR-NF) at Los Alamos National Laboratory is now slated to be deferred for at least five years, according to President Obama's FY 2013 Budget request to Congress this morning.

    According to the budget request, “The Administration proposes deferring the construction of the Chemistry and Metallurgy Research Replacement (CMRR) facility and meeting plutonium requirements by using existing facilities in the nuclear complex.”

    And what was the justification?

  • House redistricting may be heading to federal court


    The House redistricting battle may be heading federal court.

    Gov. Susana Martinez is planning to appeal the NM Supreme Court ruling today after it overturned a House plan that was approved by Judge James Hall.

    On her Facebook page, Martinez wrote the following:

    "Unfortunately, 4 Democratic justices on the NM Supreme Court reversed the State House redistricting decision made by a Democratic judge they previously appointed. Apparently, the trial judge who previously ruled in

    our favor was not partisan enough, as the Democratic justices are now asking him to draw a new map that creates more Democratic districts to guarantee their majority for the next decade. In the order, they even

  • Road conditions improve in northern New Mexico

    SANTA FE, N.M. (AP) — Road conditions in northern New Mexico are improving. The state highway department reports fair conditions on New Mexico State Highways 434, 38, 120 and U.S. 64. A few icy spots do remain and drivers are urged to slow down and drive with caution for the rest of Monday afternoon and evening.



  • Video: Red & Black Ball Raises Funds for Y's Youth Programs

    The Red and Black Ball, the preeminent fundraising gala for the Los Alamos Y and its annual "Strong Kids" campaign, attracted more than 150 attendees from around the Northern New Mexico region Saturday night.

    This marked the 12th year for the event that touted a Motown theme that featured both live and silent auctions which focused on achieving a $60,000 fundraising goal for the community organization. In 2011, the Y served 3,067 youth through more than 79 programs and in membership. The Y also awarded in excess of $75,000 in scholarships in child care, youth programs, and youth and family memberships.

  • Seen @ The Scene: Photos from the 12th Annual Red & Black Ball Saturday Night

    More than 150 people turned out Saturday evening for the 12th annual Red and Black Ball, a major fundraiser for the Los Alamos Y and its Strong Kids campaign.

    The sold out event featured live and silent auctions and a "Motown" menu for dinner.

    Watch for more details and exclusive video from the Red and Black Ball, only on LAMonitor.com.

  • Reservoir dam fix stalls again

    Hopes of restoring Los Alamos Reservoir Dam before this year’s monsoons were washed away in August of last year during a severe flood following the Las Conchas fire.

    Department of Public Utilities (DPU) personnel were optimistic about having reconstruction underway this spring. But new revelations about the extent of the flood damage and a rapid-fire series of major December snowstorms revised that schedule.

    After nearly 10 years of analysis and planning in conjunction with New Mexico’s State Engineers Office, reconstruction of the dam commenced in March of 2010.

  • Construction begins on TRU Waste facility

    Construction has begun on a new facility that will help Los Alamos National Laboratory accelerate the shipment of transuranic (TRU) waste stored in large boxes at Technical Area 54, Area G.

    The new facility will allow the Lab to repackage boxes as large as 25 feet long that contain TRU waste from as long ago as the 1970s. Mostly equipment stored in fiberglass reinforced boxes, the waste must be repackaged into containers that meet stringent requirements before it can be shipped to the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) in Carlsbad for permanent disposal.

  • LAFD hosts badge ceremony

    Jonah Cruz Wheat, a 5-year-old Los Alamos boy, was made an honorary firefighter and given the Community Hero Award during a badge ceremony in White Rock Friday.  Jonah came to the attention of LAFD courtesy of a video shot by his father. Jonah was impersonating former LAFD chief Doug Tucker during the Las Conchas Fire.
    One day last year, Jonah was in his backyard when he heard someone yelling for help. Jonah jumped over the fence and ran over to the neighbor’s house. Apparently, the neighbor had been yelling for quite a long time. Jonah told his mother, who called 911. Jonah then spent the next hour or so watching the firefighters and paramedics tend to his neighbor, who eventually ended up being all right.