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  • Whistle-stop tours visit Albuquerque

    The Rio Grande Foundation (along with a host of organizations that support educational choice) will participate in School Choice Week 2013, which includes a first-of-its-kind trans-continental whistle stop tour.
    The tour will stop in Albuquerque on Saturday and includes a reception at 5:30 p.m. at the Albuquerque Museum of Art and History near Old Town.
    Rio Grande Foundation president Paul Gessing will be among the speakers — a list that includes elected officials, parents and children who have benefited from school choice — on hand to explain why school choice is important.
    “It is only fitting that — 150 years after construction began on the first transcontinental railroad — supporters of educational reform embark upon a whistle stop tour on behalf of educational choice,” Gessing said.
    “After all, the transcontinental railroad opened up a continent that had previously been closed to all but a select few; school choice will open up children’s’ minds and grant educational options to all children, not just a select few who’s parents can afford educational choice.”
    The Rio Grande Foundation has, and continues to support, all forms of school choice including charter schools, education tax credits, vouchers, digital learning, and home schooling.

  • Briefs 01-24-13

    Ex-NM paramedic convicted in creek bed child rape

    ALBUQUERQUE (AP) — A former paramedic was convicted on Wednesday of raping an 11-year-old boy in an Albuquerque creek bed.
    A state District Court jury found Genaro Sandoval, 39, guilty of four counts, including criminal sexual penetration of a child under 13, kidnapping and sexual exploitation of a child. The jury reached its verdict after a few hours of deliberation following a two-week long trial that centered on DNA evidence.
    Authorities said Sandoval was linked to the 2003 rape using DNA samples he submitted after pleading guilty in another case and DNA from the young boy’s underwear.
    Defense lawyers argued that the victim never identified Sandoval as the one involved in the assault, and that the DNA evidence may have been tainted due to a scandal at the Albuquerque Police Department’s evidence room involving allegations of theft and mismanagement.
    Sandoval is scheduled to be sentenced on April 12 and faces up to 41 ½ years in the prison, authorities said. He is being held without bond.
    Sandoval is also separately charged with molesting five other boys in creek beds.

    Santa Fe man allegedly stabs cop with badge

  • On the docket: Local Courts 01-24-13

    Jan 16

  • Update 01-24-13

    Blood drive

    United Blood Services will host a blood drive from 9 a.m.-2 p.m. Jan. 29 at Los Alamos High School’s speech theater.

    'Show Some Class'

     Fuller Lodge Art Center’s newest exhibit, “Show Some Class,” will open with a reception from 1-3 p.m. Saturday at the art center.


    The Los Alamos Choral Society and the Los Alamos Symphony Orchestra will present “Messiah” by George Frederick Handel, from 3-6 p.m. Sunday at the Duane Smith Auditorium.

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    Ice rink closure

    The Los Alamos County Ice Rink will close one hour early on Feb. 15 to accommodate a private group.  Public skating will be from 1:45-6 p.m. Contact the Ice Rink at 662-4500 with any additional questions.

    Authors Speak

    Mesa Public Library’s Authors Speak Series kicks off a brand new group of authors in the monthly series, at 7 p.m. today with Santa Fe’s Poet Laureate Jon David.  

  • Transformer blacks out Sioux Street

    Early Wednesday night residents on Sioux Street lost their power. According to Department of Public Utilities spokesperson Julie Williams Hill, utility workers tracked the source to a bad transformer.

    By 9 p.m., workers were able to temporarily restore power for the 120 customers who were impacted by the outage.
    Williams-Hill said utility workers will be working on a permanent fix today by installing a new transformer.

    “Permanent repairs will continue Thursday. Crews will plan a 30-minute outage affecting eight customers, to complete repairs,” Williams-Hill said. Time of this planned outage has not yet been determined. The remaining Sioux St. customers will experience a brief 10 minute outage as the new transformer is tied into the electric distribution system.”

    A broader swath of North Mesa residences were subject to a similar power outage, also on a Wednesday evening in December.

    That power outage left scores of residents in the dark and shivering on one of the coldest nights of the season just days before Christmas.

    The December outage began around 6:30 p.m. in the neighborhoods in and around Del Norte and eastward to Tsikimu Village. According to Internet postings by Los Alamos Department of Public Utilities officials, the rest of North Mesa was unaffected.

  • Banks fend off cyberattacks

    Second of a two-part series

    The Wall Street Journal reported last week that major U.S. banks are seeking government action to stop or mitigate intensifying cyberattacks against American banking institutions. Wells Fargo, JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America and Citigroup are some of a dozen major institutions targeted since early 2011.

    The attacks have largely been in the form of distributed denial-of-service, using a network of infected computers to overwhelm computer systems and disrupt websites. The volume of the attacks is 10 to 20 times greater than previously recorded denial-of-service intrusions.

    Financial institutions have spent millions of dollars responding to the assaults. Washington officials attribute the attacks to the Iranian government, which denies involvement.

    Concern about the attacks intensified in September when the FBI published a fraud alert warning financial institutions that cyber criminals may be using DDoS to mask fraudulent wire transfers.

    The alert warned that criminals were using social engineering techniques such as spam and phishing emails to target financial institution employees, hoping to gain access to internal networks and steal employee and administrative credentials. The intruders could then control all aspects of a wire transaction, including approval.

  • DIY mover plans LA location

    The Los Alamos Board of Education voted to approve a lease for a U-Haul facility at Pueblo Complex, a former school property that is still owned and managed by the district, located at 1900 Diamond Dr.

    The franchise, which is synonymous with do-it-yourself moving and storage, is actually an added location for a business that’s been operating in Pojoaque.

    U-Haul had a facility on DP Road at one time, but parking problems and other issues caused the business to give up the location, according owner/operator Victoria Work.

    At the LAPS board meeting, the assets manager for the Los Alamos Public School District Joan Ahlers, told the board the company is only interested in a six-month lease.

    “U-Haul is a little nervous,” Ahlers told the board. “They haven’t been treated with open arms necessarily, so they are a little skittish.” She added that hopefully things will work out for the company and they will be able to extend the agreement into a one or two year lease.

    She also told the board that the moving service plans on being good neighbors with the other businesses.

  • Ticket Sales 01-24-13

    Estimated ticket sales for Friday through Sunday at U.S. and Canadian theaters, according to Hollywood.com. Where available, latest international numbers are also included.
    1. “Mama,” $28.1 million.
    2. “Zero Dark Thirty,” $17.6 million. ($770,000 international.)
    3. “Silver Linings Playbook,” $11.4 million. ($700,000 international.)
    4. “Gangster Squad,” $9.1 million. ($5.7 million international.)
    5. “Broken City,” $9 million.
    6. “A Haunted House,” $8.3 million. ($1.6 million international.)
    7. “Django Unchained,” $8.2 million. ($48.1 million international.)
    8. “Les Miserables,” $7.8 million. ($19.4 million international.)
    9. “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey,” $6.4 million. ($13.2 million international.)
    10. “The Last Stand,” $6.3 million. ($1.3 million international.)

  • Chastain films takes top spots

    NEW YORK (AP) — Jessica Chastain easily outmuscled Arnold Schwarzenegger and Mark Wahlberg over the weekend, topping the box office with both her supernatural horror film “Mama” and the Oscar-nominated Osama bin Laden hunt thriller “Zero Dark Thirty.”
    “Mama” opened well above expectations with a box-office topping $28.1 million for Universal Pictures, according to studio estimates Sunday. Chastain also held the second spot with “Zero Dark Thirty,” for which she’s nominated by the Academy Awards for best actress. In its second week of wide release, “Zero Dark Thirty” took in $17.6 million.
    The films’ strong performances made an unlikely box-office queen out of a chameleon-like actress that even fans of “Mama” might have trouble picking out of a lineup. Chastain, whose credits range from Terrence Malick’s “The Tree of Life” to “The Help” (for which she was also Oscar nominated), even accomplished the rare feat by besting a couple more traditional box-office stalwarts.
    Schwarzenegger’s post-governorship comeback got off to a terrible start. His action flick “The Last Stand” opened with just $6.3 million for Lionsgate, one of the worst debuts for the brawny 65-year-old star. The film came in 10th.

  • Chavanne to give presentation, lecture

    Noted French experimental writer Michel Butor, having taught in many countries around the world, was teaching at the University of Albuquerque in 1973-74 when he began a long series of communications and collaborations with French poet and Post-war School of Paris painter, Camille Bryen.
    The two men exchanged letters, drawings, paintings and collages over the course of their correspondence, which were later published in a book, “Bryen: En Temps Conjugués.” Blandine Chavanne, director of the Musée des Beaux-Arts de Nantes (Museum of Fine Arts in Nantes) is curating an exhibition of their work during this period and will speak about the men and their project in a lecture Feb. 4 at the Santa Fe Art Institute.
    Admisson is $10 for general admission, $5 for students and seniors.
    Author and curator Chavanne was named director of the Musée des Beaux-Arts de Nantes (Museum of Fine Arts in Nantes) in 2006.
    After earning her Diplôme d’études appliquées in fine arts in 1978, Chavanne received a Diplôme from l’Ecole du Louvre in 1982 and became the curator of the City of Poitiers Museums until 1991.