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  • Schneider to perform as part of Brown Bag Series



     The Los Alamos Arts Council's January Brown Bag Series will feature guitarist Dr. Gregory Alan Schneider. The concert will be at noon Jan. 9 at Fuller Lodge.

    Schneider, a composer, guitarist and educator, holds degrees from Indiana University and the University of North Texas.  

    His compositions have been performed across the U.S., Canada and Europe.  As a guitarist, he has performed as an orchestra member with the Santa Fe Opera and served as artist-in-residence for five seasons with the SFO.  

    He owns Music Together of Los Alamos, has served as music director for the Los Alamos Choral Society, teaches at the University of New Mexico-Los Alamos and teaches guitar/bass privately.

  • Register for strength training program


    There is an opportunity awaiting those who made a New Year’s resolution to get into shape and get fit.

    The Strong Women and Men program is a research-based strength training program for women and men 50 years of age and older.  Previously called the StrongWomen and Men Growing Stronger programs, this offering allows for both women and men to strength train in the same class.  

    Scientific research has demonstrated that exercise with weights(strength training) will increase strength, muscle mass and bone density in middle-aged women and men.  

    Additionally, strength training improves self-confidence, sleep, vitality and reduces risk for diabetes, heart disease, depression and obesity. Components of the program include:

  • House reelects Boehner as speaker

    WASHINGTON (AP) — The House and Senate ushered in a new Congress Thursday, re-electing embattled Republican John Boehner speaker and hailing one of their own who returned a year after being felled by a stroke.

    The 113th Congress convened at 12 noon EST, the constitutionally mandated time, with pomp, pageantry and politics on both sides of the Capitol.

    Boehner, bruised after weeks with his fractious caucus and negotiations with the White House on the fiscal cliff, won a second, two-year term as leader with 220 votes. Despite grumbling in the GOP ranks, just 10 Republicans voted for someone other than Boehner.

  • Today in History for January 3rd
  • 2 grenades found in checked luggage at NM Sunport

    ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — Authorities say two hand grenades have been found in checked baggage in the past week at Albuquerque's airport.

    The information was included in the TSA's weekly roundup of weapons collected in checked and unchecked baggage at the nation's airports.

    Transportation Security Administration agents at Albuquerque International Sunport found the grenades.

    TSA released a picture Wednesday of the grenades with their tops removed.

    A Sunport spokesman says the grenades were inert. That means all energetic material such as primers, fuses, and the explosive or incendiary materials within them have been removed or otherwise rendered harmless.

    According to the TSA, passengers can travel with firearms in checked baggage but they must first be declared to the airline.

  • Car Crashes Into Calif. Building, Killing Two

    Two people die and a third is badly injured in San Francisco after a driver suspected in a shooting tries to escape police but crashes into another car blocks away. The accident pushes that vehicle into a store.

  • 'Tennessee Waltz' singer Patti Page dies at 85

    NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — Unforgettable songs like "Tennessee Waltz" and "(How Much Is That) Doggie in the Window" made Patti Page the best-selling female singer of the 1950s and a star who would spend much of the rest of her life traveling the world.

    When unspecified health problems finally stopped her decades of touring, though, Page wrote a sad-but-resolute letter to her fans late last year about the change.

    "Although I feel I still have the voice God gave me, physical impairments are preventing me from using that voice as I had for so many years," Page wrote. "It is only He who knows what the future holds."

  • Top sports stories of 2012



    Golf is a leisurely activity that many people enjoy. The previous 12 months at Los Alamos Golf Course was anything but.

    Some happy moments and some sad moments, along with some uncertainty about the long-range outlook of the course was the top local sports story of 2012.

    LAGC, the second-oldest public course in the state, was showing its age for some time before the decision was made to condemn the old clubhouse building. The management of the course was forced to move into the cramped quarters of the old clubhouse, which is currently also housing the pro shop and what remains of the abbreviated snack bar.

  • Harold Morgan: Tourists come to N.M.; residents leave

    People find New Mexico an appealing place to visit if reminded by advertising emphasizing people and land — our Enchantment. 

    However, some people find New Mexico, with its stagnant to declining economy (excepting the Southeast), an unappealing place to live.

    The parallel elements emerged on consecutive days just before Christmas. 

    “Quality of life” links the elements. A devil of differing definition hides in the link. 

    The conclusion about visitor appeal comes from a Tourism Department study of a campaign featuring the “New Mexico True” theme developed by Vendor Inc., the department’s Austin-based advertising firm.

  • Merilee Dannemann: Protecting our schools

    The Sunday talk shows last week focused on two topics: the fiscal cliff and the issues arising from the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings, including putting security people in the public schools and increasing services for the mentally ill.

    You’d think the two subjects existed on two different planets. Nobody mentioned that one topic was about reducing the cost of government and the other was about potentially expensive new programs. 

    Wayne La Pierre, of the National Rifle Association, was quoted as saying, “With all the money in the federal budget can’t we afford to put a police officer in every single school?”  

    Where’s he been?