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  • LA girls slip 1 slot in 5A poll

    The Los Alamos Hilltopper girls basketball team slipped one spot to No. 6 in the MaxPreps.com rankings Thursday after falling to the Española Valley Sundevils earlier this week.
    The rankings are done twice per week during the basketball season. Rankings are calculated based on record, strength of schedule and other factors.
    Los Alamos dropped its home contest to Española Valley 51-48 Tuesday, its third loss of the year.
    Heading into the game, the Hilltoppers were ranked No. 5 in the state, one slot behind the Sundevils.
    With their win, the Sundevils (18-2 overall) moved up to the No. 3 spot in Thursday’s poll.
    Meanwhile, Los Alamos fell one spot to No. 6, its lowest ranking of the season.
    In Tuesday’s game, Los Alamos led by as many as 9 points in the first half and had an 8-point lead at the break before Española Valley came back in the second half, putting up big numbers from the foul line.
    Interestingly, the team that leapfrogged Los Alamos was the 6-loss Lovington Wildcats. Despite Tuesday’s loss, the Hilltoppers still have one of the five best records in Class 5A.
    Once again this week, the Gallup Bengals are the No. 1 team in 5A, as they have been for most of the season. They are followed in the top five by Roswell, the Sundevils, Los Lunas and Lovington.

  • Voting polls closing at 3 p.m.

    According to County Clerk, the voting polls  will close at 3 p.m.  today. The last day for voting will be Feb. 3. 

  • Church listings 1-30-15

    Baha’i Faith
    For information, email losalamosla@gmail.com. For general information, call the Baha’i Faith phone at 1-800-228-6483.
    Bethlehem Lutheran
    Bethlehem Evangelical Lutheran Church, a member of the ELCA, is located at 2390 North Road, 662-5151; see a map at bethluth.com.  The Eucharist is celebrated each Sunday at 8:15 a.m. and 11 a.m., with coffee and doughnuts served between services during our Education Hour of classes for all ages. The preaching is biblical by our Pastors Bruce Kuenzel and Nicolé Ferry, the music is lively, children are welcome and abundant, and a well-staffed nursery is provided.  All are welcome! Come Join the Family!
    Bryce Ave. Presbyterian
    The church is located at 3333 Bryce Ave. The Rev. Henry Fernandez preaches, bapca.org, info@bapca.org. For information, call 672-3364.
    Calvary Chapel
    Sunday school classes for all ages at 9:15 a.m. At 10:30 a.m., worship and a study of the Biblical Jesus as He relates to people in our look at the Gospel of Exodus.
    The Christian Church
    92 East Road, 662-6468, lachristian.org. 9-10 a.m. Sunday school; 10-10:30 a.m. Coffee Fellowship; 10:30 a.m. Worship Service. Rev. Doug Partin, Assoc. Rev. Ben Partin.
    Christian Science
    1725 17th St. 662-5057.
    Church of Christ

  • Bible Answers: What does the Bible say about being a ‘real man?’

    “I’ve been told to ‘act like a real man.’ Does the Bible have any instruction on what constitutes a ‘real man?’” — Charles

    So, you want to be a real man? Then stand up, fight for your rights, show who is boss, swagger, cuss, spit, scratch, shoot something, have a smoke and drink a beer. If you’re old, go to one of those clinics that promise to remake you into the virile man of your youth.
    Or not. This might be a stereotypical (if unfair) caricature of manliness in our culture. But it is not consistent with what the Bible portrays.
    First, understand that the Bible does not give a checklist; i.e., “be this” or “do that” and then you will be a real man.
    Second, remember that God created humankind in His image (Gen. 1:26-27). He created them “male and female.” Thus, we affirm that the created intent for a real man is to reflect something of God’s nature and purpose.
    Third, Scripture describes the character of the honorable man in many places (e.g., Ps. 1; 15; Pr. 3-7; Ezek. 18:1-9; I Tim. 1:5f; 2:1-4; 3:1-13; 6:11-14; Titus 2:2, 6-8, 11-3:11; II Pet. 1:3-8). In these texts, we find that the honorable man is one who seeks to be godly.

  • ‘Blackhat’ much ado about nearly nothing

    There was considerable concern within the nuclear energy community about Michael Mann’s cyber-thriller “Blackhat” before its release.
    Much of the pre-release angst was generated by the trailers, which showed a catastrophic nuclear accident had blown open a gaping hole in a large, domed containment building. I went to see it the first day it hit the local cinema, and early on I suspected that the nuclear energy community’s angst was literally much ado about nearly nothing.
    My first inkling was when the control room was shown. I almost laughed because it had wall-to-wall windows overlooking a vast, steaming open pool of water.
    First, there are no windows in actual nuclear power plant control rooms. Also, the depicted control room looked much like a high-tech press box at a modern professional football stadium.
    Regardless, I was curious about the hot-water pool. I wondered if that was supposed to be the reactor.
    My speculation was soon verified. There was a series of long, vertical metal pipes deep within the pool — the supposed core. Surrounding these pipes were several rotating fan-like devices. It seems that these were supposed to be the circulation pumps.

  • Mirroring the Marmota Monax

    Do you ever get the feeling that things will never change?
    With Groundhog Day approaching this weekend, it wouldn’t surprise me if I woke up and found myself back in the 1960s — flag-waving nationalists beating on foreigners, police beating on civil rights marchers, religious fundamentalists beating on homosexuals, bigots beating on minorities.
    Hang on. I need to check the calendar to make sure I’m not actually back in the ’60s!
    Monday, Punxsutawney Phil will once again look for his shadow, then predict the inevitable extension of winter for another six weeks.
    Actually, shadow or no, it’ll be 48 more days of winter, not six weeks (I checked to see when the Equinox occurs).
    But today, Jan. 30, is just as important a date as Feb. 2.
    In 1648, Netherlands and Spain signed a treaty — Peace of Munster — ending the Thirty Years War, a terribly destructive series of conflict in Europe that resulted in over 10 million deaths.
    It was a war to end all wars and its end brought forth an era of peace that reigned throughout Europe for years and years and years.
    Well, of course, there was that little skirmish between Portugal and Spain (Restoration War) for another 20 years. And then another 22 years of killing during the Anglo-Dutch War.
    Ah! But then there was peace!

  • Today in history Jan. 30
  • Rollover accident backs up Main Hill

    A rollover accident on the Main Hill Road around 8:20 a.m. resulted in at least one injury, the Los Alamos Fire Department said.

    A single vehicle was involved which backed up traffic along the road. Some motorists chose to turn around and go up the Truck Route instead.

    A pair of ambulances were called to the scene, but no one had been transported to the hospital according to the LAFD.

  • Lab, schools, county are closed today

    Los Alamos National Laborator and Los Alamos Public Schools announced this morning that they will both be closed for the day today. All after school activities have been canceled, according to the schools' website. The area is under a Winter Storm Warning that is effective through Saturday.

    Los Alamos County has also announced that is is closed today. Atomic City Transit will not be operating regular routes. Instead, Dial-A-Ride service will be available until 5 p.m.

    The county also said there will be no trash pickup today. Those residents whose regular pickup day is today should put their trash out for collection Monday.

  • Restaurant inspections 1-29-15

    Santa Fe

    Giant No. 6055, 1009 St. Francis Dr.

    Date Inspected: Nov. 14

    Violations: Two high-risk violations. Cold holding at 43˚F hot dogs. Ice pooling on the floor, which was corrected at time of inspection. One low-risk violation. Boxes on the floor in walk-in freezer.

    Status of Establishment: Approved. No follow-up required.


    Giant No. 375, 2774 Sawmill Road

    Date Inspected: Nov. 14

    Violations: One high-risk violation. Employee food and phone in prep area, which was corrected at time of inspection. Two moderate-risk violations. Temperatures at 40 to 37˚F. Hot holding at 140 to 176. Dust build up on fans.

    Status of Establishment: Approved. No follow-up required.


    Chocolate Maven (restaurant), 821 W. San Mateo Road

    Date Inspected: Nov. 14