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  • The sky is the limit

    At the end of World War II, our nation was broke. The money owed by our government exceeded the nation’s GDP (Gross Domestic Product) by 20 percent. We literally owed more than we produced in an entire year.
     And yet times were good. The nation found itself in an era of prosperity, and the National Debt was a topic of rare discussion.
     You would think that enduring a debt of $259 billion would paralyze a rational thinker. But society is oddly capable of burying concerns like this along with the tens of millions killed, and moving forward with its focus on commerce and industry.
     If people had in fact been more conscious of the debt, they may not have actually minded. For you see, the nation was growing (both in population and in power) and the National Debt was shrinking.
     Well, for a few years anyway. From 1945-1948, the National Debt declined to $252 billion. Back then, people laughed when politicians boasted of the debt’s decline, noting that a 7 percent decrease was nothing to brag about. But today having the debt shrink by 7 percent would be earth shattering news.

  • LAPD investigating cause of fire on Los Alamos Monitor property


    Employees at Los Alamos Monitor arrived to work Friday morning to a burned dumpster and a bit of a mystery.

    Apparently, someone had made a small fire in the parking lot overnight, and when they were done with it, they picked up the remains and disposed of them in the dumpster next to the Monitor offices, located at 256 DP Road.

    According police officers on the scene investigating, the debris from the original fire set off a blaze in the dumpster, where it burned all night, melted the lid to the receptacle and was destroyed.

    The Los Alamos Monitor  is asking the public if they may have seen any suspicious activity Thursday night or early Friday morning to call the Los Alamos Police Department at 662-8222 and ask for Cpl. Ryan Wolking.

    The Los Alamos Fire Department from Station 6 later checked the contents of the dumpster to make sure there were no hot embers.

  • Early morning power outage in WR


    An early morning power outage in White Rock in the Meadow Lane/Todd Loop area affected approximately 75 Los Alamos Department of Public Utilities customers this morning at 2:14 a.m.  Power was restored to the majority of affected customers by 5 a.m. and to all affected customers by 6:40 a.m.  An underground line failure caused the outage.

    DPU’s Project Engineer for Electric Distribution, Steve Marez said, “The line serving this neighborhood has already been prioritized for replacement during this coming fiscal year due to its age and historical performance.”  

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    Art exhibits

    Zane Bennett Contemporary Art announces an exhibition: “Bits and Pieces: Works by Karina Hean, Catherine Gangloff and Michel Déjean.” Through April 19.  


    Zane Bennett Contemporary Art announces an exhibition: “A Day in the Life: Works by Holly Roberts.” The opening exhibition will be 5-7 p.m. May 30. Show runs until June 21. 

    Art tours

  • LAFD puts out three spot fires on lab property -- updated with cause


    Los Alamos Fire Department responded to three spot fires at Technical Area 36 on Los Alamos National Laboratory property Thursday afternoon and within in an hour, they were out, according to lab spokesman Kevin Roark.

    “There were three small spot fires, less that a quarter acre total,” Roark said.

    TA-36 has active firing sites that support explosives testing. Roark said Friday morning the fire was caused by fragments from an explosive site known as Eenie.

    “An LAFD crew was on scene, which is standard procedure, but a second truck was called to assist,” Roark said. “ The fire department did an excellent job, and our fire mitigation efforts really paid off, keeping this fire under control and preventing it from spreading. “ 


    On Thursday, Chief Troy Hughes said crews spent a fair amount of time  mopping up the grassy area where the fires occurred.

    "According to deputy chief Glenn Trehern, crews are working a grid pattern to determine they are no live embers or sparks that would set off another blaze," Hughes said.

    All three fires were generally close together, Hughes said. But he did know exactly how far apart they were.

    TA-36 is located along Pajarito Road and N.M. 4 in White Rock.

  • BPU selects Glasco as utilities manager pending Council approval


    Board of Public Utilities Vice Chair Chris Ortega announced Thursday that the Board selected Tim Glasco to lead the Department of Public Utilities as utilities manager.  The Board’s selection will go to Los Alamos County Council on April 29 for approval.  If approved, Glasco will replace utilities manager John Arrowsmith, who plans to retire from the Department this July. 

    Approximately 25 applications from around the country were received for the Utilities Manager position.  The board, the council liaison, and the county administrator screened applications. 

    This group narrowed the applications down to five finalists, all of whom work for Los Alamos County. 

    Finalists included James Alarid,  Steve Cummins, Philo Shelton, Robert Westervelt and Glasco.

    Three different panels then interviewed the candidates. They included the Board of Public Utilities including the Council Liaison and County Administrator; The Los Alamos County senior staff, and a panel of three Los Alamos citizens. 

  • Foster applies for Santa Fe top job

    Former Los Alamos County Police Commander Randy Foster is one of 48 applicants for the Santa Fe Police Department chief job, according to a report in the Albuquerque Journal.
    According to the Albuquerque Journal, other candidates include Española chief Eric Garcia, former Los Lunas chief Roy Melnick, former state police chief Carlos Maldonado. Melnick and Garcia applied for the Los Alamos job after Wayne Torpy retired. The Los Alamos job was filled by present chief Dino Sgambellone, who came to town from Mansfield, Ohio.
    Foster, meanwhile, lost his job following former Los Alamos Police Department Detective Brian Schamber’s involuntary confinement at the New Mexico Behavioral Health Institute for 10 days in late December 2012.
    Foster, former commander Scott Mills and detective Paige Early then filed suit against the county, alleging wrongful discharge, retaliation and gender discrimination.
    A scheduling conference has been scheduled for district court in Santa Fe on April 23.
    Foster, meanwhile, lives in White Rock and is now a deputy with the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Department.
    According to the Albuquerque Journal, Santa Fe mayor Javier Gonzales has formed a citizen committee to screen the 48 applicants.