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  • Today In History, Oct. 15
  • Emergency crews respond to pipe leak at LANL's CMR facility


    Emergency crews and the lab security force responded to a call at the Los Alamos National Laboratory’s Chemistry and Metallurgy Research building Wednesday.

    According to a lab spokesman, there was a report of a leaking pipe at the CMR facility.

    The spokesman later said that a fire suppression system leaked, either a faulty sprinkler head or broken pipe.  

    The spokesman said there was no major damage and they were currently in clean-up phase now. He added,” there was no contamination in the water, which is removed by the building's drainage system.”

    According to the lab website, the CMR facility totals 550,000 square feet, including an administrative wing, an office wing, six laboratory wings, and one area that includes hot cells that provide heavy shielding and remote-handling capabilities for work on highly radioactive materials. Three laboratory wings are in various stages of shutdown.

  • 'Made in Los Alamos' speaker to discuss industry products

    The Los Alamos Historical Society will have Dr. David R. Pesiri as the guest speaker at the next part of the “Made in Los Alamos” lecture series.
    “A Perspective on the Laboratory’s Impact on Products and Industry” will be 7:30 p.m. today.
    Los Alamos National Laboratory has a long history in national security, and from this past has come a wealth of technologies and products used every day. In fact, Los Alamos can lay claim to the creation of entire industry segments, starting with precision explosives and extending to materials, computing, medicine and energy.
    Pesiri is the director of Los Alamos National Laboratory’s Richard P. Feynman Center for Innovation. He will describe the theme of innovation — the ability to bring a new technology or idea to unmet markets of need — in the context of Los Alamos. In the breadth and impact that “Made In Los Alamos” has carried throughout its 70-year history, there is a lesson about the past and a prelude to the future.
    Pesiri’s duties include forming strategic partnerships, promoting collaborations to enhance innovation, creating and leveraging valuable intellectual property, developing technology spinouts and promoting economic development within the region and throughout the nation.

  • Trek through Wyoming mountain to be discussed with Mountaineers

    The public is invited to the Los Alamos Mountaineers’ October meeting to hear a first-hand account of the club’s first organized trek to the Grand Teton in Wyoming in more than a decade.
    Speaker Michael Altherr will describe the trip preparations and results at the meeting, 7 p.m. Wednesday at Fuller Lodge. In addition to the featured talk, the meeting will include refreshments and casual conversation, as well as updates on upcoming trips and safety advice learned from outdoor adventuring.
    The Grand Teton, the highest mountain in Grand Teton National Park, is a challenging and technical climb not to be undertaken lightly. Pioneer American climber Paul Petzoldt, while preparing to climb the peak in 1924 (others had reached the summit before), heard the Jackson Hole locals express their incredulity of the attempt by stating, “By god, I ain’t lost nothing up there, so why would you want to climb it?”

  • Assets In Action: Reach out and talk for anti-bullying month

    The month of October is Bullying Prevention Month and many groups are hoping to raise awareness to keep bullies at bay.
    The number one thing to do if you are being bullied, or know someone being bullied is to tell someone… anyone.
    If you are a student that know something isn’t right, find any adult you like and talk about it. Ask someone for help, for yourself or a friend and stand up for doing what is right.
    Los Alamos High School and Los Alamos Middle School have tip lines that you can call or email, to make a report. You don’t have to leave a name or a number, just some details.
    If you don’t know the name of the people involved, give a time, a date, a location or some kind of descriptive information about what took place.
    The most interesting thing I hear from time to time, is that someone may be dealing with a bully, but no one reports it. There’s absolutely no reason not to tell, but every reason for wanting to make things better.
    There are so many people that care, so many people trying to make a difference in the lives of children and help for both the bully and the victim.

  • Lunacy governs late campaign attack ads

    They are routinely dishonest, ugly to the eye and offensive to the ear. If that were not enough, they cynically contrive to insult the intelligence of the voters they are designed to seduce.
    Yet, with few exceptions, political strategists skilled at manipulating voter opinion insist that negative campaign television ads work to the advantage of the candidate or party who commission and/or pay for them.
    Simply put, candidates who are subjected to an endless barrage of negative (aka “attack”) TV ads will almost certainly pay a price on Election Day. They may not automatically lose, but at a minimum they will likely see their share of the vote diminished.
    It shames us all that some voters can be so gullible, and it degrades the democracy we profess to cherish.
    This year in New Mexico something akin to lunacy must surely be a governing principle underlying many of the negative ads being leveled against some candidates.
    One of the most unhinged has to be a disingenuous, off-the-wall negative spot brought to New Mexicans’ TV screens by Aubrey Dunn Jr., the Republican candidate for state land commissioner, attacking Democratic incumbent Commissioner Ray Powell Jr.

  • Briefs 10-14-14

    Power outage affects Western area

    A small power outage occurred Sunday evening along 47th St. in the Western Area. High winds caused a nearby tree to come into contact with cable TV lines and electric lines resulting in the failure, reported officials from the Los Alamos Dept. of Public Utilities. At 5 p.m. Sunday, about eight residents along 47th St. were without power and had their power restored by 10:50 p.m. following the replacement of the affected overhead electric lines.

    LAFD announces promotions

    The Los Alamos Police Department announced the following promotions Monday: Jennie Martinez from detention officer I to detention officer II, Jude Binion from detention officer I to detention officer II, Joshua Cordova from detention officer I to detention officer II, Erika Bustos from detention officer II to detention supervisor, James Keane from officer to corporal, Ben Irving from officer to corporal, Adele Girmendonk from officer to corporal and Jordan Redmond from corporal to sergeant.

    UNM-LA, JJAB announce parenting class

  • Update 10-14-14

    Farmers Market

    7 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Thursday at the Mesa Public Library parking lot.

    JJAB meeting

    The Juvenile Justice Advisory Board’s next meeting will be 6 p.m. Wednesday in Building No. 1, Camino Entrada Road, Pajarito Cliffs Site.

    Viewing Party

    The “Manhattan” TV series viewing party and discussion is scheduled for 8-9:30 p.m. Sunday at Time Out Pizzeria on Central Ave.

    Downtown Dogs

    A weekly walking group for dogs and humans. The walk starts from Pet Pangaea at 6 p.m. on Thursday nights for a stroll around downtown Los Alamos.


    Los Alamos Historical Society Made in New Mexico Lecture Series. 7:30 p.m. today at Fuller Lodge. Technology Transfer at LANL: A 70-year perspective with Dr. David Pesiri. He reviews the laboratory’s history of transitioning world-changing technologies to the private sector.

    Game Night

    5:30 to 8:30 p.m. every Wednesday at the Mesa Public Library in the Upstairs Rotunda.