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  • Missing juvenile hiker found

    LOS ALAMOS, N.M. (AP) — A teenager who was lost while out hiking near Los Alamos has been located.

    Los Alamos County spokeswoman Julie Habiger said rescue crews helped the 15-year-old girl out of White Rock Canyon, just a few hours after she had been reported missing.

    Habiger says the girl suffered a minor injury.

    She says the teen was found on the Red Dot Trail through a rescue effort coordinated by the Los Alamos police and fire departments.

    Habiger says the 1-mile trail descends at a steep rate into the canyon and is known for loose rocks.

  • Utilities manager appointment fulfills lifelong dream for Glasco


    Pending council approval, the Tim Glasco, the Deputy Utility Manager for Gas, Water and Sewer Services for the Los Alamos Department of Public Utilities will become the next DPU manager for the county. 

    BPU Vice-Chair Chris Ortega, who made the announcement about the board’s choice Thursday, remarked on the quality of all five candidates that were interviewed. 

    “They all brought different skill sets to the table and had very, very good experience in certain areas,” Ortega said, then noted some of things that weighed in Glasco’s favor. 

    “He has broad experience. He’s been in the utilities business most of his career. I hired him in 1995 to help us acquire the water production system,” Ortega said. 

    “Tim has got an extremely good background in dealing with federal agencies, as well, like NNSA, EPA. And I think we need that in the future. He’s also got a good perspective on alternative energy, which we’ll be looking at in the future.

    “So I think all those things combined made him the top candidate. I think Tim will do really, really well. He’s really versatile, and he’s got a lot of background. He’s excellent at delving into matters and solving problems. So I think it will all work out.”

  • County updates hazard mitigation strategy


     Los Alamos County is halfway done with its update of its original Hazard Mitigation Plan, a plan originally created in 2006 in response to the federal Disaster Mitigation Act of 2000. The county is updating the plan to keep it eligible for federal mitigation funds but to asses the recent changes in Los Alamos since 2006. 

    According to Phil Taylor, emergency management coordinator for the county, no plan is invulnerable, but another point to making a plan is to reduce future losses to life and property.

    “You can’t absolutely guarantee we’re never going to have a fire here, we’re never going to have an earthquake here, but what we can do is mitigate the impact of those events,” Taylor said. “ We can practice defensible space, we can have a good evacuation plan, we can have a robust way of notifying the community when bad things happen and give them good solid direction and information on what to do.” 

  • Smoke signals

    By Alexandra Hehlen and Owen Bradbury Aranda

    Teen Pulse Staff Writers

    From what teenagers see on the big screen and in the media, cigarettes have often been presented as an alluring product for young adults.

    In many ways, the stigma associated with smoking has lead many young people to try their first cigarette as an act of rebellion or because it seems the “cool” thing to do. Smoking is addictive because of the high nicotine content produced by burning tobacco.

    Even more, “Nicotine improves alertness, helps you concentrate, reduces anxiety, it boosts your mood, it can even relieve minor depression a little bit, can be a little bit euphoric and it suppresses your appetite. Sounds like a fantastic drug, right? Wrong,” said Dr. Eric Bernstein during his presentation for the March 19 Kick Butts Day at Los Alamos High School.

    Bernadette Lauritzen, the Prevention Specialist at LAHS, brought in Bernstein and organized the day to spread the word about the dangers of teenage smoking.

  • High school athletics schedule



    Golf: Los Alamos Invite, boys and girls varsity, 9 a.m.


    Track and Field: Los Alamos at Marilyn Sepulveda Invite (Albuquerque), boys and girls varsity, 3:30 p.m.




  • Golf teams to play at home Monday


    The Los Alamos Hilltopper boys and girls golf team will host a rare third home meet of the regular season Monday.

    Los Alamos will host a light field of competitors for Monday’s Spring Invitational. Play gets going with a shotgun start at 9 a.m. at Los Alamos Golf Course.

    Hilltopper girls head coach Mike Lippiatt said there should be somewhere between seven and nine competing schools at the event, but many of those are likely not to bring a full team of four golfers.

  • Free paper shredding offered April 19


    Want to celebrate Earth Day while actually doing something to help the Earth?

    RE/MAX of Los Alamos will host a free paper shredding event Saturday, April 19 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at its office, located at 116 Central Park Square, Los Alamos, the company announced in a new release.

    All shredded materials will be recycled, according to the release.

    Along with celebrating Earth Day, the event is also an opportunity to tackle spring cleaning projects and destroy documents that, if they fell into the wrong hands, could result in identity theft.

    A large Shred-It truck will be at the location. Up to five boxes of paper will be accepted, including stapled paper.

  • Word on the Street 4-13-14


    Teen Pulse staff member Katherine Wang asked LAHS students, “What is your dream job?”

  • Now is the time to apply for summer jobs


    During the summer months many teens are on the hunt for jobs. Businesses in Los Alamos recognize this and offer opportunities for students looking for work.  

    Smith’s Food and Drug is currently in the process of hiring 130 employees to staff its new Marketplace, opening in July in Los Alamos.

    “The positions we are looking for varies on the age of our hires and for what we have available. Teens between the ages of 16 and 17 can only be hired as Courtesy Clerks (Baggers) due to equipment operations,” said Elizabeth Maestas, Smith’s Human Resources specialist.  

    Teens interested in applying can fill out all required material online at the Smith’s website.  

  • Fashion Maven: What to wear when you don’t know what to wear


    It’s one of those mornings when you’re standing in front of your closet in your pajamas, in frustration or even in tears. It’s an “I have nothing to wear!” day.

    Many of us remember those times when half of our closet was scattered across the floor in a frenzy of hopefulness that some good outfit would pop out of the wardrobe, but to no avail.

    These days are tough to deal with, especially if you’re dressing for an important event, or if you’re already late to work and don’t have time to mull over your outfit.

    There are multiple ways to deal with an outfit hang up. Here are a few: