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  • See explosive art at library

    The Mesa Public Library is featuring artwork from a New Mexico artist that is simply “the bomb. ”
    “Detonography: The Art of Evelyn Rosenberg” can be viewed by the public from 10 a.m.-6 p.m. in the upstairs gallery through Sept. 30 and is displayed in conjunction with the Los Alamos ScienceFest.
    Rosenberg will be signing her book demonstrating her technique, “Detonography: The Explosive Art of Evelyn Rosenberg” at 7 p.m. Sept. 11 at the gallery. The signing and talk will be a part of the Authors Speak Series.
    Rosenberg invented the way of making sculpture by forming metal with plastic explosives. She said she has found a way to transform weapons into an artistic creation. “The technique is very dramatic,” she said.
    Originally from Washington, D.C., she was a student of philosophy and English Literature. That background, she said, resonates in her artwork.
    She moved to New Mexico with her husband who worked at Sandia Laboratory. She earned her degree in fine arts and printmaking.
    While studying in Jerusalem, she met a man who was an explosive engineer and so sprung the idea for a type of artwork to explore.

  • Author discusses Oppenheimer and the atomic age

    Less than a decade after he helped craft the weapons that helped bring an end to World War II, Robert Oppenheimer was stripped of his top security clearance. In a public display played out in the nation’s newspapers, he was removed as even an advisor to the Atomic Energy Commission. Learn more about “Oppie’s” fall from grace when Dr. Jon Hunner, interim director of the New Mexico History Museum, speaks on “Broken by Secrets: Robert Oppenheimer and the Early Atomic Age.” The Free First Friday Evening Talk will be 6 p.m. Oct. 3 in the Meem Community Room.
    Museum admission is free from
    5-8 p.m.
    Hunner, a history professor at New Mexico State University, is author of two books about the Manhattan Project and its aftermath, “Inventing Los Alamos: The Growth of an Atomic Community” (University of Oklahoma Press, 2004) and “J. Robert Oppenheimer, the Cold War, and the Atomic West” (University of Oklahoma Press, 2009).

  • Quirky characters show how to live with joy in life

    We all have our own hidden joys. Sometimes, it’s a weekend hobby that we set aside for the rest of the work week. Others, it’s a particular activity we share only with one group of friends or family, but not with the rest of our acquaintances. Sometimes, we simply believe we must keep our little eccentricities to ourselves.
    “Tower of Magic” by local playwright and director Tess Light asks, “What would you do if you could live your joy every minute of every day?” A cast of quirky characters (and one realist) have made this a reality for themselves, from a mother who sings rather than speaks, to an ornithologist who is constantly surrounded by forested birdsong, along with the rest of their imaginative — if unorthodox — family.
    The play opens when Felix (Scott Reynolds) is reunited with his fiancée Sue (Katrina Koehler), who had left to spend a few days with her family to announce her engagement, a three-day trip that has mysteriously turned into three weeks. Sue is reluctant to expose her urban betrothed to her rural family, but matters are quickly taken out of her hands, and Felix is soon drawn into the strange quirks of this cast of characters.

  • Community Briefs 09-10-14

    See colors change on the Cumbres

    Anyone in search of the colors of autumn should hop aboard the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad for the best viewing of the fall foliage in the Rocky Mountains. High levels of rain in northern New Mexico and southern Colorado have contributed to the fall leaves changing colors adding to the scenic views. “Thanks to a particularly good monsoon season, we anticipate that this fall will be one of the best years to see the gorgeous colors bursting,” said John Bush, president and general manager. “Autumn is when a ride on the Cumbres & Toltec becomes even more memorable and breathtaking — alight with vibrant reds, oranges and yellows.”
    “People get closer to nature on the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad,” Bush said. “The rhythm and speed of the train allows people to slow down and fully enjoy stupendous colors and those ‘aha’ moments. Riding the train and being outside in what I consider to be the most beautiful landscape in the country at this time of year is very rewarding and relaxing. We invite all of you to jump on the train at either of our depots in Chama, New Mexico, or Antonito, Colorado, for what is sure to be a beautiful fall day.”
    For tickets call 1-888-286-2737 to book or online at cumbrestoltec.com.

  • Restaurant Inspections 09-11-14

    Santa Fe
    Santa Fe Spirits, 308 Read St.
    Date inspected: July 9
    Violations: Two high-risk violations. Mold growth in under counter ice machine. No paper towel dispenser at hand wash sink. Two moderate-risk violations. Grime build up on salt container. Chlorine test strips not available to test sanitizer in dish washer. One low-risk violation. Restroom door not self closing.
    Status of Establishment: Approved. Corrective Action Response required on July 14.

    Santa Fe Spirits, 308 Read St.
    Date inspected: July 14
    Violations: All high-risk violations corrected.
    Status of Establishment: Approved. No further follow up required.

    Chicago Dog Express, 600 Cerrillos Road
    Date inspected: July 9
    Violations: One high-risk violation. Tomatoes go beyond after four-hour limit, which was corrected at time of inspection by tomatoes being discarded. One low-risk violation. Ice above the level of beverage container, no residual chlorine.
    Status of Establishment: Approved. No follow up required.

    Chicago Dog Express, 600 Cerrillos Road
    Date inspected: July 11
    Violations: All high-risk violations corrected.
    Status of Establishment: Approved. Follow up from July 9. No further follow up required.

  • This Week on PAC 8, Sept. 12-18

    ON PAC 8
    Views expressed on programs shown on PAC8 do not necessarily reflect the views of the manager, staff, or board.

    Friday, Sept. 12, 2014
    06:00 AM Democracy Now! – Live
    10:00 AM Democracy Now!
    11:00 PM County Council Meeting Replay 9-09-14
    02:00 PM Senior Olympics
    03:00 PM Link Arms in LA
    04:00 PM Al Jazeera DC Bureau
    05:00 PM Behind the White Coat – Avadh Salje
    05:30 PM Senior Olympics
    06:00 PM Democracy Now!
    07:00 PM Los Alamos Historical Society – La Mesa Fire – A Wake-Up
    08:30 PM The Garage
    09:00 PM Bongo Boy Rock and Roll
    09:30 PM Global 3000
    10:00 PM The New Pearl Harbor
    12:00 AM Free Speech TV

    Saturday, Sept. 13, 2014
    Free Speech TV

    Sunday, Sept. 14, 2014
    06:00 AM FSTV
    05:30 PM Key to the Kingdom
    06:00 PM Drawing Men to Christ
    07:00 PM United Church
    08:30 PM Trinity on the Hill
    09:30 PM Generations
    11:00 PM That Which Is
    12:00 PM Free Speech TV

  • Off The Hill 09-11-14

    Art exhibits
    Los Alamos artist Nels Krakowski will have an exhibition of artwork on display through September at the Santa Fe Public Library, 145 Washington Ave. in the Tybie Davis Satin Art Gallery located on the second floor.

    Local Color: Judy Chicago in New Mexico 1984-2014 runs through Oct. 12.

    Allan Houser Gallery presents masterworks by Allan Houser and a special exhibition by Douglas Miles: The Art of Apache Resistance. Show runs through Sept. 19 at 125 Lincoln Ave. in Santa Fe.

    Footprints: The Inspiration and Influence of Allan Houser. Through May 2015 at the Museum of Indian Arts and Culture, 708 Camino Lejo in Santa Fe.

    Zane Bennett Contemporary Art, Santa Fe, in collaboration with Mizuma Art Gallery, Tokyo, announces IMPACTS! an exhibition of Japanese contemporary art. This exhibition will run through to Sept. 22.

    Zane Bennett Contemporary Art announces “A$$holes on Cell Phones,” an exhibition of work by Marc Dennis. Runs through Sept. 20.

    Transitions: Works by Suzanne Wiggin. Through Sept. 22 at Encore Gallery at the Taos Community Auditorium.

  • Today in history Sept. 11
  • King refunding sex offender's contributions

    SANTA FE (AP) — Democratic gubernatorial challenger Gary King said Tuesday he’ll return more than $30,000 in campaign contributions from companies affiliated with a wealthy financier who’s a convicted sex offender in Florida.
    The contributions came from companies with a Virgin Islands address that Jeffrey Epstein lists as a place of business or a residence in government documents, including a New York sex offender registry and New Mexico corporation records.
    Epstein pleaded guilty in 2008 in Florida to a charge of soliciting prostitution, and served just over a year in jail. Epstein made the plea after federal authorities dropped an investigation into allegations that he sexually abused dozens of underage girls at his mansion in Palm Beach.
    “My campaign has had an ongoing rule that I would not accept any contributions directly from Mr. Epstein and upon further review, we have learned that he has an interest in the companies in question,” King said in a statement. “Unfortunately my fundraising staff missed this in the vetting process. I believe the right thing to do is to return the contributions from all companies in which Mr. Epstein has an interest. This will be done immediately.”

  • Small gas leak on Central Avenue

    Personnel from Los Alamos Fire and Police responded to a gas leak this morning on Central Avenue. A construction crew working in the eastbound lane apparently ruptured an unmarked gas line, which caused an evacuation of all of the small businesses in the area. However, the rupture was quickly brought under control without incident and employees were allowed to go back to work about an hour later at 10:50 a.m.