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  • Wallflowers exhibit at Fuller Lodge

    The Wallflowers exhibit will be enhanced by a live flower show beginning at noon Friday at Fuller Lodge.
    The exhibit is like a garden in which the flowers never wilt, there are no weeds and the plants are not restricted by a climate zone. “Wallflowers” the works of 60 artists fill the gallery with bursts of color. In floral terms, there are five dozen artists presenting eight dozen blossoms. Not every blossom is a flower but they all fall within the theme of “Wallflowers.” Several artists from the Pastel Society of New Mexico entered the show. Other media represented include watercolor, acrylic, colcha (fabric), clay, wood, glass, photography, jewelry and even an automaton called “Cranky Flowers.”
    Last week a hummingbird flew into the gallery and staff wondered if it was attracted by all the color.
    Once again, the physical space of the gallery has been adapted to host the theme, with white garden trellises to support the floral profusion. It’s a celebration of summer, a veritable oasis amidst our New Mexico drought.
    Also on Friday, the N.M. District II Judges Council is hosting a flowers show at the lodge to compliment the exhibit.
    A small standard flower show has three divisions.
    Division 1 — Horticulture
    Division 2 — Design

  • How to dispute odd credit card charges

    Have you ever ordered something online that was delivered damaged, or never arrived at all? Or been double-billed by a merchant? Or spotted a charge on your credit card statement you didn’t make? Most of us have.
    Fortunately, the 1975 Fair Credit Billing Act protects your rights during such credit card billing disputes. It also outlines the process for contesting charges made to your account. Here’s how it works:
    First, FCBA protection applies only to “open-end” credit account transactions those involving credit cards, or revolving charges (e.g., department store accounts). It doesn’t cover installment contracts you repay on a fixed schedule, such as car loans.
    Billing errors that are covered by the FCBA include:
    Fraudulent or unauthorized use of your credit card, whether it was stolen or merchants charged unapproved items to your account.
    Charges that list the wrong date or amount.
    Charges for goods or services you either did not accept, or that weren’t delivered as agreed.
    Math errors, such as being charged twice for a transaction.
    Failure to post payments or other credits.

  • Disney promotes Lone Ranger to world press

    Let’s take a look at what has been happening during this busy summer.
    Last week, Santa Fe was the location for a massive promotion of the upcoming Lone Ranger and Tonto movie. More than 300 broadcast journalists and film critics were flown to New Mexico from all over the world for five days of activities, including previews of the movie, which will open on July 3.
    The press launch for the Lone Ranger was notable because New Mexico never had seen anything like it before. Most such events are put on in either Los Angeles or New York City.
    One reason for the choice of Santa Fe may be that much of the movie was filmed in New Mexico, but perhaps the main reason was that Johnny Depp, who plays Tonto, is currently in New Mexico shooting another movie. Depp is integral to this movie because the script made Tonto not just a sidekick, but a main character.
    From the beginning, Depp was committed to making sure that happened by digging as fully as possible into what it means to be an Indian. By the time he finished, the Comanche made him an honorary member. Why didn’t Disney Studios cast an Indian for the part? Maybe they wanted Depp’s big name and drawing power.

  • Off The Hill 06-27-13

    Art exhibits
    Zane Bennett Contemporary Art: Cleromancy with assemblages by actor and artist, Robert Dean Stockwell. Opening reception 5-7 p.m., Friday, which will coincide with the Railyard Arts District Last Friday Arts Walk. Through July 19.
    Aspen Santa Fe Ballet announces its 2013 Summer Season, July 12 to Aug. 31 with performances at The Lensic. All performances are 8 p.m. Tickets available now online to aspensantafeballet.com, by contacting The Lensic at 988-1234, or by stopping by the box offices at the Lensic Performing Arts Center or the Santa Fe Convention Center.
    SOMOS Summer Writer Series. Writers include Wally Lamb, Mirabai Starr, John Nichols, Demetria Martinez and more. During the six-week series, spanning from July 17 to Aug. 21, different authors will read from selected works each Wednesday, starting at 7:30 p.m. Tickets range from $6 to $12 depending on the event, and are always free for students. Readings are held at the Arthur Bell Auditorium at the Harwood Museum in Taos. For more information, visit somosdetaos.org.

  • This Week on PAC-8, June 28-July 4

    Views expressed on programs shown on PAC8 do not necessarily reflect the views of the manager, staff, or board.

    Friday, June 28, 2013
    06:00 AM Democracy Now! – Live
    10:00 AM Democracy Now!
    11:00 AM County Council Replay (6-25-13)
    01:00 PM LAHS Graduation Ceremony
    03:30 PM European Journal
    04:00 PM Al Jazeera DC Bureau
    05:00 PM National Day of Prayer
    06:00 PM Democracy Now!
    07:00 PM Los Alamos Historical Society “Cold War Recollections: A Livermore Underground Test Perspective”
    08:30 PM Clear Heart, Clear Mind
    09:30 PM Bongo Boy Rock and Roll
    10:00 PM The Glass Slipper
    11:00 PM Project Bombshell
    12:00 AM FSTV

    Saturday, June 29, 2013

    Sunday, June 30, 2013
    06:00 AM FSTV
    05:30 PM Key to the Kingdom
    06:00 PM Drawing Men to Christ
    07:00 PM United Church
    08:00 PM That Which Is
    09:00 PM Trinity on the Hill
    12:00 PM Free Speech TV

  • Restaurant Inspections 06-27-13

    Santa Fe
    Albertsons Restricted Menu, 3542 Zafarano Drive
    Date inspected: June 7
    Violations: Two high-risk violations. Cutting boards have deep cuts and need to be made smooth. Soap dispenser not working properly. Two low-risk violations. Sink in prep area needs to be sealed to wall. Floor is damaged and in need of repair.
    Status of Establishment: Approved. Follow up required in one month.

    Albertsons Meat Market, 3542 Zafarano Drive
    Date inspected: June 7
    Violations: Four high-risk violations. No 90-day shellstock tags records kept. Spray bottle needs to be labeled. No sanitizer in three-compartment sink. Plunger and tools must be kept out of food prep areas. Spice bottles are covered with food build up and need to wiped. Four moderate-risk violations. Rusted equipment needs to be made smooth. Meat splatter on walls and ceiling need to be cleaned. Walk-in cooler units need to have indicating thermometers. Door handles have food build up. Beef, chicken and pork need to be labeled in walk-in refrigerator. Four low-risk violations. Hose on floor under sink. Lights in walk-in refrigerator in the fish section needs end caps. Fan and vents have dust and mold build up.
    Status of Establishment: Approved. Follow up required in one month.

  • Summer excites at Pajarito Mountain

    Summer is here and the festivities keep going. Pajarito Mountain has plenty to do. The season kicked off on June 15 with Summerfest. Organizer Thad Hahn served as “Beer Czar.” Hundreds gathered atop the mountain for food, drink and entertainment. The Kitty Joe Creek Band was the opening band, while Anthony Leon and the Chain entertained the late afternnon crowd. Vendors for beer, wine and spirits around the state were on hand to serve up the crowd. Summerfest has been an annual event since the 1940s.
    Hahn said he was glad the recent Thompson Ridge Fire did not hinder the event.
    It kicks off summer with the biking and hiking lift that takes people up above 9,000 feet in the Jemez Mountains. The Bike and Hike is every other Saturday throughout the summer. Bus service is available through a partnership between Atomic Transit and Pajarito.
    Pajarito Mountain was the venue for the Summer Concert Series, where the Homemade Jamz Blues Band from Tupelo, Miss., took the stage.
    Ullrfest starts the autumn season with more Bike and Hike’s on Sept. 28.
    Skiesta signals the ski season in the winter. Date for that event is to be announced.

  • Los Alamos ranks as fifth least expensive city in U.S.

    According to NerdWallet, a website which offers free tools to find deals on things such as credit cards and airlines, Los Alamos is number five in a list of 10 least expensive cities in the United States.
    Inspired by The Economist’s Big Mac Index, which measures the purchasing power of currencies around the world by answering the question “How many burgers can you get for $50 USD?” for each country, the leaders of NerdWallet have developed a similar index which focuses on bthe value of a dollar in different cities across the U.S.
    The Quarter Pounder Index, or QPI measures the cost of living in different cities across the country based on the price of a McDonald’s Quarter Pounder Burger with cheese.
    Los Alamos ranks in the least expensive cities list, with the Quarter Pounder valued at $2.81. Prices around the country range from $2.24, in Conway, Ark., to $4.82, in Juneau, Alaska. The median price for a Quarter Pounder is $3.52.
    Data from the least expensive list suggest that North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Georgia and Tennessee are all smart location choices, each containing two cities in the top 20 “Least expensive places in the United States, according to the QPI” list.

  • July Events at Bradbury Science Museum

    July 10 — 70th Anniversary Lecture at 5:30 p.m. — Noel Pugach, University of New Mexico, discusses President Harry Truman’s decision to use atomic bombs.
    July 12 — Pinocchio Reanimated — The return of a popular exhibit simulating nuclear fission from the old Bradbury Science Museum. Another evening when the Gordon concert will be at Ashley Pond. The BSM will be open late until 8 p.m. as part of Downtown Los Alamos.
    July 13 — Get to Know the Arduino Workshop hosted at the Bradbury Science Museum by Stan Cohen of New Mexico Highlands University and Gordon McDonough, Bradbury Museum educator. This will be a hands-on workshop that will teach people how to build and program arduinos. An arduino is a single-board microcontroller with an open-source platform designed to make the process of using electronics in multidisciplinary projects more accessible.
    July 17 — Brown Bag lunchtime lecture — Alan Carr — Norris Bradbury, The Early Years
    July 26 — LANL 70th Anniversary Signature week — Another evening when the Gordon concert will be at Ashley Pond. The BSM will be open late until 8 p.m. featuring grand openings of two new exhibits. One on Bio/Algae and the other on CINT. 

  • Bradbury named in Mensa Top 10

    Los Alamos, New Mexico’s Bradbury Science Museum has been named one of the top 10 “Best Science Museums” to visit in the United States by American Mensa.
     Mensa is an internationally recognized high-IQ society that provides a forum for intellectual exchange. Mensa members reside in more than 100 countries around the world.
    Bradbury Science Museum was ranked fifth in a list of the top science museums as nominated by educators and scientists who are also Mensa members. Among other factors, having a variety of exhibits and hands-on learning activities were some of the considerations members noted when voting for the best museum.
    The most common feature that respondents looked for, however, was interactive elements.
“The Bradbury Science Museum has over 40 interactive exhibits to help visitors explore the world of science, engineering, math and technology,” said Bradbury Science Museum Director, Linda Deck. “Some are computer simulations and animations; others are hands-on ‘try it for yourself’ puzzles and games. We know people learn in a variety of ways, and this gives plenty of opportunities for all.”