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  • Bible Answers: Blaming 'evil' for individual sins?

    “Am I responsible for my sins? Can’t I just blame the devil?”

  • How can we mandate mammaric modesty?

    The other day, I was sitting in the park and I saw the most disgusting thing. A woman was feeding her hungry baby.
    OK, I know how that sounds, but it was really horrible. There I was, enjoying a pleasant afternoon in the sun, and the next thing I know, this woman picks up her kid, pushes her blouse to the side, and shoves her baby’s face up against one of her breasts. He was lapping it up like a piglet. 
    Boy, if that doesn’t turn your stomach, I don’t know what will!  Sure, no one wants a baby to go hungry, but couldn’t she have the decency to find some deserted area of the park, or maybe go into a nearby building and do that in the bathroom?  If a woman can’t afford infant formula, she shouldn’t be out in public to begin with, right?
    Really, we need some laws to address stuff like this!
    Oh wait, we do have laws like that. Forty-eight states protect the rights of a nursing mother to breastfeed her child in public.
    West Virginia and Idaho haven’t yet seen fit to join the civilized crowd.
    The human race has been raising babies on mother’s milk since forever. But then in 1867, Justus von Liebig invented infant formula, and “decent society” quickly threw a modesty blanket over nursing mothers.

  • Experts: hurricane season to be slow

    NEW YORK (AP) — A slower-than-usual hurricane season is expected this year because of an expected El Niño, federal forecasters said Thursday, but they warned that it takes only one storm to wreak havoc and urged Americans to be prepared.
    The El Niño, which warms part of the Pacific every few years and changes rain and temperature patterns around the world, will likely reduce the number and intensity of tropical storms and hurricanes, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said in New York City.
    Cooler temperatures on the surface of the Atlantic Ocean compared with recent years will also lower the probability of hurricane formation.
    “El Niño helps to reduce the ability of storm systems coming off Africa to strengthen into tropical storms and hurricanes,” said Dr. Gerry Bell, NOAA’s top hurricane season forecaster.
    Bell cautioned that El Niño has not yet developed and officials have not yet issued any forecasts for it.
    Officials expect 8 to 13 named tropical storms and three to six hurricanes. One or two major hurricanes with winds over 110 miles per hour are forecast.
    The six-month storm season begins June 1.

  • WWII vet graduates from high school

    BELEN — A World War II veteran in New Mexico has gotten his high school diploma — 71 years after he was drafted and left school.
    Officials said 90-year-old Belen resident Luis Silva earned the credits to graduate before the war, but never went to graduation or picked up his degree.
    Silva, who landed at Omaha Beach on D-Day, dreamt of going back to school and getting his diploma but never got around to it, KRQE-TV reported.
    After the war, Silva returned to Belen, got married, raised four children and proudly watched as his children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren graduated high school.
    Belen High School Principal Rodney Wright was happy to make the dream come true.
    “It was a huge honor,” Wright told The Associated Press on Thursday. “To see a gentleman like that — what he sacrificed and where he went and what he did for our country — was even great for our kids too, to share in that moment. It was a magical opportunity for us.”
    Silva’s great-granddaughter also graduated with him Tuesday night.

  • LAPD stepping up seat belt, motorist safety enforcement

    Los Alamos Police Department announced it would participate in the statewide Click It or Ticket and the 100 Days and Nights of Summer enforcement programs.
    Click It or Ticket will focus on restraint compliance in vehicles for drivers, passengers and children, while 100 Days and Nights of Summer will focus on reducing traffic-related injuries and deaths.
    Enforcement begins now and will run throughout the summer months.
    LAPD said it’s encouraging motorists to use seatbelts, monitor vehicle speeds and pay attention to other vehicles and pedestrians on the roadways.
    For questions regarding these programs, contact LAPD at 662-8222.

  • APD shoots a knife-wielding suspect

    ALBUQUERQUE (AP) — Facing increased scrutiny over its use of force, Albuquerque police shot and killed a man who authorities said slashed a good Samaritan’s throat late Thursday, police announced at a briefing.
    Deputy Chief William Roseman told reporters that the knife-wielding man was attacking a woman when the good Samaritan stepped in to help late Thursday and was stabbed.
    “Officers attempted to talk to the offender and tried to have him drop the knife,” Roseman said. “As officers tried to deescalate the situation, the male offender began to advance on the officers.”
    Roseman said two officers shot and killed the man after he continued to move toward police.
    The name of the suspect was not released. Officials also have not released the names of the officers who fired their weapons.
    In addition, police did not say how many times the man was shot nor if lapel camera footage of the shooting was available.
    Roseman said the good Samaritan is in critical condition, while the woman has been treated and released.

  • Update 05-23-14

    Zhang concert

    The Los Alamos Concert Association presents Haochen Zhang on the piano. 7 p.m. today at Duane Smith Auditorium.

    Gordon's Concert

    Gordon’s Summer Concert Series features The Homemade Jamz Blues Band, The band will perform 7 p.m. today on the new stage at Ashley Pond.

    Council meeting

    Los Alamos County Council will meet at 7 p.m. Tuesday in council chambers.


    “Things with Wings,” is a juried group exhibit displaying the work of Los Alamos artists and artists from northern New Mexico. Each artist has an interpretation of the theme, as reflected in paintings, ceramics, photographs and manipulated digital media. The Portal Gallery features the woodcut prints of Lily Schlien. Daily through June 14 at the Fuller Lodge Art Center.

    Car Wash

    Los Alamos High School NJROTC is holding a car wash fundraiser from noon to 3 p.m. Saturday. The car wash will be in the Los Alamos National Bank parking lot. Monies raised will be used to augment the unit travel budget for national events. For more information, call 412-8739.

  • Fasano, Wang are top LANL scholars

    There were some triumphant moments, as well as emotional ones at banquet honoring those that received scholarships through the Los Alamos National Laboratory Foundation’s Los Alamos Employees’ Scholarship Fund Monday night.
    This year, 73 students from all over the Northern New Mexico region received 79 scholarships. All of them were funded through the generous contributions of LANL employees, augmented by a $250,000 match by Los Alamos National Security LLC, the company that manages the lab.
    Scholarships ranged from $1,000 all the way up to $30,000.
    This year, Bernalillo High School student Raymond Fasano won the $30,000 Platinum scholarship, and Los Alamos High School student Alexandr Wang received the $20,000 Gold scholarship.
    According to the LANL Foundation, both scholarships were for science-related studies.
    Wang said the scholarship will be “extremely helpful” toward funding his computer science studies at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He attributed his love of math and science to the local academic environment.
    “Growing up in Los Alamos you always hear about how science is used everyday to solve insanely interesting and difficult problems,” he said. “So, I think I was always inspired by the atmosphere of Los Alamos to study these fields.”

  • Turning Back

     Vehicles are still having to make U-turns at the intersection of Trinity Drive and DP Road. The street is torn up and is scheduled to remain so through June 6. Motorists are being re-routed to Knecht Street and onto Central Avenue to get to the Main Hill.

  • Domenici endorses Rodgers

    One of the two Los Alamos House hopefuls picked up a huge endorsement for his campaign this week.
    Former U.S. Senator Pete Domenici sent a letter of endorsement to candidate Geoff Rodgers to give him his support in the upcoming New Mexico primary.
    Rodgers, a Republican, is running for the House District 43 seat that is currently occupied by Stephanie Garcia Richard. District 43 includes Los Alamos.
    Domenici is the long-time U.S. Senator from New Mexico and was one of Los Alamos National Laboratory’s strongest allies in Congress. Domenici, also a Republican, was very popular among the Los Alamos County electorate.
    Rodgers is facing off against Vincent Chiravalle in the 2014 Republican primary. Both men are former Los Alamos County Councilors.
    In his letter of endorsement, Domenici said the he had “no doubt that Geoff Rodgers is the right man for the job.”
    Domenici cited Rodgers’ track record on the County Council as his reason for endorsement.
    “Geoff Rodgers has demonstrated himself as a dedicated and principled conservative,” Domenici wrote. “He recently voted against his own pay increase because of a commitment he made to his constituents and because it was the right thing to do.”