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  • NERPs bill moves to House

    NERPs bill moves to House

    A House committee has authorized $5 million a year for five years to fund seven National Environmental Research Parks (NERPs). The parks, including one at Los Alamos National Laboratory are located within Department of Energy facilities, but have been authorized, but not systematically funded for nearly four decades.

  • Shining in the spotlight

    A pageant can be a dirty business. Sometimes contestants sabotage each other in a war for a glittery crown. But the Mrs. New Mexico competition was different. How is that known locally? Because Los Alamos had one of its own in the pageant.

    Bernadette Lauritzen put on the sash, the pretty evening dress and even braved wearing a swimsuit to help promote the townsite’s 60th anniversary, which was held Saturday at the Roy E. Disney Center in Albuquerque.

    “It was a really good experience,” Lauritzen said.

  • Baseball: Manny draws big crowd but is a non-factor Tuesday

    ALBUQUERQUE – The Manny Ramirez circus rolled into town Tuesday night, but despite its attracting boys and girls of all ages, it turned out to be mostly a side show.

    Ramirez, an All-Star left fielder doing a pre-return stint in Triple-A before returning to the Major Leagues, made his Albuquerque Isotopes’ debut Tuesday night in front of a record crowd of 15,321 at Isotopes Park.

  • Memories of Ken Ewing

    Ken was a close friend. Like us, he was an (earlier) graduate of the Bronx High School of Science, and we had similar interests. Because we were out of town, we were unable to attend his memorial service. Had we been there, we would have shown the attached photograph, from one of the many UFO conferences to which we had taken Ken. For your information, Ken is the individual on the left (we think).

  • Bingaman reports on energy and health bills

    New Mexico’s senior senator reported on the status of two key bills that are slowly advancing in Washington.

    Sen. Jeff Bingaman, D-N.M, has been cast in a central role in both the energy bill and the health care reform bill now playing center stage in Congress.

    “We passed out (of committee) a bill we called the American Clean Energy Leadership Act,” Bingaman said in a press conference Monday in Washington. “We got 15 of the 23 members of the committee in support.”

  • Walters prepares to get back to her roots

    Serving customers’ needs and resolving their issues in a timely manner doesn’t come easy for everyone. Those issues, however, are not a problem for Sandy Walters.

    Walters has been the serving the public in a customer service capacity for nearly 18 years and on July 1, 2009, she’ll retire and pass the customer service torch to someone else.

    Born in Oklahoma, but raised in Reserve, N.M., Walters lived in Albuquerque and Dallas before moving to Los Alamos in 1972.

  • Council action correct, but ...

    Dear Editor,

    The council made the right decision, given the current financial crisis, not to raise our sewer rates at this time.  Salary raises are delayed, property taxes are higher, and many empty homes are waiting for better times. Our utilities, however, face a predicament. The White Rock sewage plant needs replacement. The utilities customer base is small and is unlikely to expand soon, and, in addition, we are using less water because of already high prices. Under these circumstances sewer rates must eventually rise.

  • A very sad story

    Dear Editor,

    It was with great sadness we read your June 9 article “L.A. police cadet charged with DWI.” It is unfortunate that cadet Daniel LaDuke made the serious mistake of driving while under the influence. While we don’t condone this lapse of judgment, we feel your readers should know a little about the Dan LaDuke we knew when he was a councilor at the YMCA after-school program (which our son attends) immediately prior to joining the Los Alamos Police Department.

  • Roadrunner still the fastest computer in the world.

    Six months after Los Alamos National Laboratory’s Roadrunner edged Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s Jaguar, 1.1 05 petaflops per second to 1.059 petaflops per second, their speeds remained exactly the same.

    A petaflop is a quadrillion floating-point operations per second.

    The difference between first and second was only 46 terraflops difference, or forty six trillion operations per second, but it was enough for the Roadrunner to retain bragging rights for another six months.

  • Returning to a favorite place

    Ricko Donovan has lived in Madrid, Spain and traveled throughout Ireland but despite these faraway destinations, it is a local venue that he is looking forward to performing in.

    Donovan will complete this year’s Los Alamos Arts Council’s Guitars and Gateaux series, which will start at 7 p.m. Thursday at Fuller Lodge.

    Donovan concluded the series last year as well and he said he is eager to return to Fuller Lodge.

    “I really love the lodge,” he said.