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  • Risky business: Safety-minded cleanup of Area B resumes

    The site is shaped like a boomerang. Several discrete areas of shallow pits are scattered along a strip of land on the southern side of DP Road.

    Buckled pavement covers most of it, where an old trailer park used to sit.

    Material Disposal Area B is about to get busy again.  After two years of public silence, with only a few visible changes across the road from a row of small businesses, one of Los Alamos National Laboratory’s major environmental cleanup projects is shifting gears.

  • Historical landmarks right in our backyard

    Sure, you can learn about the Manhattan Project through countless books, photographs and articles, but there is another way to be exposed to this significant period of time. There are actual physical artifacts, right here in Los Alamos, which can transport you back through history and into the era of the atom bomb.

    Ellen McGehee, an archaeologist and historian with Los Alamos National Laboratory, will discuss these artifacts, these historic buildings, during the Los Alamos Historical Society’s lecture series at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday at the Pajarito Room in Fuller Lodge.

  • Concluding this year’s ski season with a bang

    Pajarito Mountain Ski Area is closing for the ski season today, but there is still one last bash to be held Saturday.

    Skiesta will start with the Second Annual Pajarito Pinhead Challenge. Registration begins at 8:30 a.m. and the race will start at 9 a.m. in the lodge.

    “We have good spring conditions,” said Jean Dewart, member of the Pajarito Mountain Ski Area board.

    However, in the past few weeks there has been less snow in some places so “we might have to modify a few events,” Dewart said.

  • Serving up soup and support

    A beneficial bevy of bowls are gracing store windows this week as the annual Empty Bowls Project to benefit Self Help Inc., which will be held Saturday, approaches.

    The 16th annual event will feature hand -painted masterpieces currently on display at The Coffee Booth Café, Mesa Public Library, CB Fox, Village Arts, Ruby K’s and the KRSN AM 1490 studios. The hand-painted bowls, cups, plates and mugs will be available for purchase next weekend at the Betty Ehart Senior Center from 11 a.m.-2 p.m.

  • Open conference committees important

    Anyone who pays attention to the Legislature has had this experience: Differing versions of a bill pass the House and Senate; the bills go to a conference committee; the bill that comes out is very different from the two that went in.

    What happened? Hard to tell. Why? Because New Mexico is among a handful of states that close conference committee meetings. So what? Well, do you want government to conduct business in the open or behind closed doors?

  • Corrections handling 1 in 35

    The Assosicated Press had disturbing story this week. It stated that 3 percent of our fellow residents are part of the corrections system.

    That is scary.

    New Mexico has seen a steady increase in people on probation and parole in recent years, reflecting a national trend, according to a report.

    The Pew Center on the States says that nationwide, the number of people on probation or parole nearly doubled to more than 5 million between 1982 and 2007.

  • Second verse, same as the first

    Colleagues suggested that I simply write today’s date into last month’s weather summary.

    Like January, February was warm, sunny and dry, and even more so. February brought its share of storm activity, but those storms brought mostly wind and little moisture.

    High pressure dominated the Southwest during much of February, beginning with the first week.

  • Los Alamos gets first round win

    FARMINGTON – Not that there was any surprise to it, but the Farmington Scorpions wanted to keep Alex Kirk under wraps as much as possible Saturday night.

    And for much of the game, the Scorpions were successful in making someone else from Los Alamos beat them.

    And a couple of someones did.

    Michael Helland and Doug Hardy came up big for the Hilltoppers Friday night down the stretch as Los Alamos knocked off Farmington 48-41 to advance in the Class AAAA boys basketball tournament.

  • Kirtland crushes Hilltoppers in first-round action

    KIRTLAND — If the Kirtland Central Broncos can stay as hot as they were Friday night, a blue trophy just might be in their future.

    In the opening round of the Class AAAA state girls basketball playoffs, the Broncos, one of the most celebrated teams in the nation, were on fire on both ends of the court, routing the visiting Los Alamos Hilltoppers 62-33 and ending the Hilltoppers’ season.

  • New Mexico to receive $18.3 million to fight crime

    Some $11.1 million of the $18.3 million New Mexico is getting from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to fight crime is going to the state.  

    Of that funding, a little more than $5 million is available to communities throughout New Mexico on a competitive basis. The remainder will be allocated to the New Mexico Department of Public Safety to be distributed based on the state’s priorities.

    Los Alamos County is eligible for $24,241.