Today's News

  • Time may have passed us by

    As the county and the schools are more and more at odds over how the deal for Trinity Place reads, we are more and more concerned that it will never happen.

    Reports from every business corner that you want to go to say that vacancies in malls and shopping plazas are rising fast nationally. The reports note that the average vacancy rate at neighborhood and community malls rose to 8.2 percent, up from 7.3 percent in 2007.

    This is the highest level since 1995.

  • Learn about art in the Rio Grande Valley

    Like any art found throughout the world, Pueblo art covers a huge spectrum of forms. It is found in Kachina dolls, rock art, murals on kiva walls and pottery. And similar to New York City or Florence, Italy, a meca for Pueblo art is found right here in the Rio Grande Valley.

  • Get ready to tee off

    Los Alamos will be opening a new golf course in 2009, but only for a day. The 19th Hole, an indoor, miniature golf fundraiser will be held from 10 a.m.- 2 p.m. Feb. 28  at various local businesses.

    “I’ve wanted to do this event for a number of years,” said Bernadette Lauritzen, Assets In Action coordinator and golf course superintendent for the event. “The event will allow local businesses to showcase their venues while raising funds for a wonderful program.”

  • Revisiting Bandelier

    For almost a century, Bandelier National Monument has been a place of natural and man-made wonders, where visitors walk narrow trails through deep canyons and traverse mesas to marvel at vistas of the Pajarito Plateau or the ruins of abandoned pueblos. For more than 30 years, such experiences have been enhanced by a guidebook written by veteran hiker and historian Dorothy Hoard.

  • Experiencing some transitions

    Michael Chapdelaine underwent  some major transformations since he first started performing in Los Alamos.

    “I’ve been making some serious transitions in my personal life and they’ve brought out some sorrow, anger, relief and bliss … it’s pretty heavy stuff,” he said.

    These changes have given a whole new meaning to his music. Now, Chapdelaine said, when he writes a song about leaving, it really means something; and now songs about emancipation and optimism really mean something.

  • Putting Assets into Action: Positive communication

    This week we look at Asset #2, Positive Family Communication. According to the Search Institute, “Youth are more likely to grow up healthy when they and their parents communicate positively and they are willing to seek parent’s advice and counsel.”

  • County should focus on greater good

    It was disheartening to hear that the school district feels that Los Alamos County is playing hard ball with our schools. Instead of reaching an agreement on the Trinity Site Project that will serve the schools, and thus the entire community, the county appears to have chosen to serve itself.


  • Millions to state

    Like or dislike the federal sttimulas plan, it is reality.

    So here are some facts from Senators Jeff Bingaman and Tom Udall and you can be the judge which programs will create jobs.

    Here is list of the categories and levels of funding New Mexico stands to receive under the Senate’s version of the recovery package.      

    Infrastructure, Science

     • $19.7 million through the Drinking Water State Revolving Fund to address the backlog of drinking water infrastructure needs

  • Mummified Egyptian head gets local 3-D scanning

    Small front teeth and swirled, matted hair are visible on the mummified head former Los Alamos resident Anita Petty escorted to Alpine Laser Dental on Trinity Drive Tuesday.

    To obtain some digital images of the small, gold-flecked head, Petty placed it through an Iluma 3-D scanner owned by Dr. Curtis Brookover, DDS.

    This X-ray computed tomography machine, built by IMTEC Corporation, a 3M Company with offices located in Los Alamos, is used to obtain x-ray images for dental purposes.

  • Public hearings delayed

    Los Alamos NM – Two ordinances slated for public hearings later this month regarding the County/School District lease agreements for the Airport Basin Site are expected to be postponed. Hearings on Ordinances 540 and 541 were on the Council’s agenda for the Feb. 24 council meeting. However, the documents are still in the process of being finalized by the County and School District, and will then need a final legal review by the County Attorney’s office.