Today's News

  • Fire department gains new cadets

    Some 400 family, friends and fellow firefighters honored 29  new fire cadets to the Los Alamos Fire Department during a  special ceremony at Duane Smith Auditorium Saturday. The 19th recruitment class is comprised of two women and 27 men.

    "The biggest challenge for me, being a smaller size, was the physical portion of our training - but I did it," Fire Cadet Emmy Sweers said. "It's amazing how much they are able to train us during the 20-week academy. My favorite part was going down to Socorro and working with live fires."

  • Animal shelter details hammered out

      The roof and kennels of the proposed animal shelter were revisited again at last Tuesday night’s County Council meeting. Capital Projects Manager and Facilities Director Anne Laurent made her pitch to council in an effort to increase the budget for the animal shelter to $1,357,380, which would incorporate a metal roof, outside kennel drainage and would increase the number of kennels from 14 to 18.

  • Officials share Christmas plans, New Year's wishes

    Most community leaders are staying in town for Christmas this year and they all send best wishes to the residents of Los Alamos and White Rock this holiday season and throughout 2009.


    Rep. Jeannette Wallace, R-Los Alamos, Sandoval and Santa Fe, is planning on some much needed down time. “My plan is to find a few relaxing days at home because it’s been a very, very busy interim at the legislature and I’ve had no time off at all,” she said.


  • Photographer highlights cathedral's beauty
  • Outgoing councilors recognized

    Outgoing councilors were honored during the Dec. 16 County Council meeting held at the Community Building.


    Council Vice  Chairman Robert Gibson gave the presentation, thanking Council Chair Jim Hall and Councilors Frances Berting and Ken Milder for their service on the council.


    “This is often called a thankless job, but it’s not really true,” Gibson said.


  • Voters should have final say

    Dear Editor,

    The fundamental underpinnings of our democracy is the right to vote for the candidates of our choice.  When someone whom we have elected cannot continue in the elected position, it becomes the responsibility of an elected official or officials to appoint a replacement. 

    This procedure is normally defined in a document such as the federal or state constitution or a city or county charter.  

    In Los Alamos County the charter simply says the council should choose someone to fill the position.

  • Become culturally competent

    This week, we look at Asset #34, Cultural Competence. According to the Search-Institute, “Youth are more likely to grow up healthy when they have knowledge of and comfort with people of different cultural/racial/ethnic background.”

    Our community should be one of the best with this Asset. Nationally, 42 percent of youth report having this asset and 47 percent of our local youth, according to the most recent data, also report having this asset.

  • Jerry Flemming to serve as ACBL president

    Bridge involves a lot of thought and teamwork. Players need to communicate with teammates to determine, based on their cards, whether they should bid to take certain tricks or sit back and defend.

    It is also a card game that Los Alamos resident Jerry Flemming has loved since attending college in the mid-‘60s. “I find bridge to be an absolutely fascinating, challenging card game,” he said.

  • Welcoming in a new year

    For some people, the New Year may be started off with fireworks, or clouds of confetti or glasses clinking together, but why not do things a little differently for 2009? Kick off the New Year with drama.

    Los Alamos Little Theatre is hosting a special New Year’s Eve performance of its upcoming production of “Ten Nights in a Barroom.”

    The doors of the Little Theatre will open at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday.

  • Girls basketball; LA takes on Tohatchi in first round at Goddard

    To wrap up a trying December, the Los Alamos Hilltopper girls basketball team will head down to Roswell to compete in the Goddard Holiday Classic tournament.

    The Hilltoppers will take on the Class AAA Tohatchi Cougars in the first round of the Goddard tournament, which starts Monday.

    In the tournament, which continues through New Year’s Eve, Los Alamos will be one of five Class AAAA teams taking part. A pair of AAA teams — Las Vegas Robertson is the other — and Class AAAAA Carlsbad also accepted tournament invitations.