Today's News

  • The return of the Republican Party?

    Nothing says “lovin’ ” like winning big on an Election Day.

    By now, you’ve probably read every possible spin on Republican wins in governors’ races in New Jersey and Virginia. Well, not every one because there remains this one, yes?

    There are three sides to every story. Yours, theirs and the truth. In this case, the sides are the Democrats, the Republicans and reality.

    Let’s take a quick look at the Republicans’ side first.

  • Poor choices have crippled the economy

    I recently got a speeding ticket. The flashing red lights in my rear view mirror told me I was in trouble. I’d made a poor choice: failing to observe the speed limit signs-and was cited for going 70 in a 55. I suffered consequences for my poor choice. We’ve all made poor choices that typically result in having to pay the consequences. Some consequences are big and others, like my speeding ticket, are small.

  • Support LA Cares Saturday

    To put food on everyone’s table requires community collaboration.

    As a result, the National Association Letter Carriers-Branch 4112 and the Northern New Mexico District of the Boy Scouts of America is hosting their annual Fall Food Drive Saturday in Los Alamos and White Rock to support the LA Cares food bank.  

    On Saturday, letter carriers will pick up food placed near mailboxes during their normal route (a flyer will be delivered a few days prior to the drive as a reminder).

  • Spreading lots of hope

    Anyone can get hit with unexpected news. It bolts down like a meteor and leaves you feeling dazed and powerless.

    An unplanned pregnancy is certainly one of those pieces of news that can knock you for a loop. However, there is an organization in town to help those who are hit with this major surprise get back up on their feet.

    Hope Pregnancy Center offers pregnancy tests, information on different options, parenting classes, community referrals, material assistance and follow-up care. All these services are free and confidential.

  • Council to mull utility rate changes at tonight's meeting


  • It’s time to celebrate

    Sometimes you just have to set everything aside and celebrate. I’ve decided to cast the assets to the wind in hopes that seeds will be planted.

    It is nearly impossible to think that November has arrived but some may be thinking, it is only November?

    Well, as 2009 is headed to a close, I hope you can spend a few minutes thinking about some positive aspects of the year.

    Often, I think, someone doesn’t have to die before we appreciate what an asset they have been to the community. So I announce the first annual Assets In Action awards.

  • Utility rate changes on council agenda

    A Los  Alamos County public hearing tonight will consider three new ordinances.

    Two ordinances pertaining to utilities are under review, one that raises the average residential customer’s sewer utility rates by about $4 per month and the other that effectively lowers gas rates by 17-24 percent, depending on the volume used.

    A third ordinance spells out a lease agreement with the Administrative Office of the Courts for accommodations within the new Los Alamos Judicial Complex.

  • Roadrunner ends its run

    After 18 months at the top of the world’s fastest supercomputers, Los Alamos National Laboratory’s Roadrunner has slipped to number two.

    The current standings are scheduled to be announced Tuesday at the SC09 Conference in Portland, Oregon.

    The new leader, after biting at the heels of Roadrunner for 18 months is Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s Jaguar.

    Roadrunner is an IBM machine; Jaguar is made by Cray.

  • Good work deserves praise

    I noticed a Los Alamos County pickup and utility trailer parked on our street recently and being curious, asked the crew what they were up to. Estevan of the Utilities Department told me they were checking the sewer lines in our area and graciously invited me to see the procedure. To say the least, I was impressed. They had a miniature TV camera on a little motorized crawler that they dropped into the sewer, and then viewed the sewer line on a TV monitor as the camera roamed up and down the sewer line.

  • Remember those in need

    I am a very fortunate person. I can (and do) give fresh and clean water every day to my children and even my cats and dogs. When we don’t have rain, I can use that same fresh water to keep my vegetable and flower gardens alive. I am lucky to have enough money to buy food for my kids and pets, too. I even have the choice to feed them healthy food or

    unhealthy food on special occasions, knowing that their next meals will fulfill their nutritional needs.