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  • The county has flag

    Dear Editor,

    One of the best kept secrets in Los Alamos County is the existence of a county flag which is displayed in the rotunda of the Roundhouse. According to the New Mexico Legislative Librarian, when the Roundhouse was renovated in 1990, someone decided there should be a display of New Mexico county flags. In about 1992 the flags were hung in the Roundhouse.

  • The power of a book - Read on!

    A luncheon and a mouthful of noodles brought a major change to Peggy Durbin’s life.


    Colleen Olinger, the former owner of Otowi Station Science Museum and Bookstore, was looking to get out of the bookstore business. She was hoping to pursue other interests and obligations and turned to Durbin to take the reigns of the store.


    Durbin’s first reaction was to spit out her lunch in surprise but she followed it up with a request to think over the business proposal.


    Her answer to Olinger was a yes.


  • Bandelier Wilderness fire runs it course

    A fire that began on Thursday in a remote area of Bandelier National Park is still smoldering, despite the wet weather in the area Monday.

    “It has gotten some rain on it,” said Marla Rodgers, the park’s assistant fire management officer. “However, it still has some smoke on it. With the warming and drying trend over the next few days, we expect we’ll be seeing smoke for awhile.”

    As soon as the fire was reported by a hiker who saw smoke coming from the next canyon over, the park service flew out to size it up.

  • Spend time with butterflies this week

    On Wednesday, the Pajarito Environmental Education Center will offer a butterfly identification class taught by butterfly expert Steve Cary.  

    Attendees at the PEEC Annual Dinner in 2007 will remember Cary’s talk and slides of butterflies of New Mexico.  In the class, participants will learn to identify local butterflies.

  • There is enough involvement

    Dear Editor,

    An article Sunday highlighted a group that wishes to amend the county charter to require a referendum for every capital project exceeding $1 million, and to simplify the petition process. This group feels that there is not enough citizen involvement in county government, which I find astonishing.

  • ACI Update: Sanchez, Jones to meet in men's final

    NOTE: Due to early deadlines owing to the July 4 holiday, coverage of the Atomic City Invitational will be delayed in the print edition. Continue to check our website for tournament updates.

    Lee Sanchez is in position to defend his Atomic City Invitational title with a big win.

    In Sunday's final of the Atomic City Invitational match-play tournament, reigning champion Sanchez will go up against another former ACI winner, Cale Jones. Tee-off in the 27-hole final event is slated for 7:30 a.m.

  • Lab completes round of hot waste deliveries

    It wasn’t easy getting started, but after the first canisters of remote-handled waste made it out of Los Alamos National Laboratory, they have been rolling down the road on a regular basis.

    On Thursday afternoon, almost exactly a month after the first shipment departed, the laboratory announced that the 16th and final load took off for the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant in southern New Mexico.

    In the month that followed, the campaign averaged four deliveries a week.

  • We are land of opportunity

    Some folks like to spend a lot of their time going over-time to find anything – and everything – that is wrong with America. And while it is true, there are issues and concerns that we as a people and nation have and must deal with, a very solid case can be made that this is truly the best place there is to live.

    When we have troubles – be it with the government, our leaders or our laws – we deal with them. We don’t bury our heads and pretend those problems don’t exist.

  • Oh Manny, say it ain’t so

    Gov. Richardson described last Tuesday’s Isotopes game featuring Manny Ramirez as one of the most important events in New Mexico history.

    Really? So much for the Manhattan Project and Roswell in 1947.

    But in a way it was hard to argue with him. There was a record crowd of more than 15,000 people there at Isotopes Park. And before the three days were up, more than 45,000 people showed up at the park.

  • Residents seek to change the charter

    Residents concerned about the decisions and accountability of the county government gathered last Sunday at Urban Park for a community information session.

    Ellen Walton of the L.A. Governmental Review Initiative said the group was formed last August in response to what she called a lack of checks and balances in the council.

    “We don’t see the county changing the way it does things,” Walton said. “And we want to see more citizen participation.”