Today's News

  • Good work at vaccine clinic

    We took our three children to the recent H1N1 vaccine clinic in White Rock and were very impressed by the efficiency and speed with which we were treated. Thanks so much to all of the people who helped make this event run so smoothly.

    Steve and April Nolen

    White Rock

  • Thanks for restoring the power

    We’d like to compliment most heartily all the Utilities Department personnel who worked in absolutely lousy and rotten weather Dec. 8 to restore power to Barranca Mesa.

    One of the easiest things to do is complain when things don’t work well. While we might “complain” that the power went down, we certainly cannot complain about the relatively short time for the power to come back up and we know this was due to our Los Alamos County Utility Personnel. Well done and thank you!

    Tom and Bev Keenan

    Los Alamos

  • Tennis players ace the trash

    Braving the chill during that cold spell early this month, a few tennis players cleared the trash along

    NM 502 at the airport as a show of their appreciation for the county’s support of tennis facilities. Those participating were John Bartlit, Shuh-Rong Chen, Cathy and Jerry Morzinski, Bob Nolen and me. David Archuleta of the traffic division supplied the signs and safety vests through a request by the Parks division to Nancy Talley. Thank you councilors and staff!

    Joel M Williams

    Los Alamos

  • Company delivers New Mexico submarine to U.S. Navy ahead of schedule

    NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (AP) — The nation's sixth Virginia-class submarine has been delivered to the Navy.

    Northrop Grumman Corp. said Tuesday that the 7,800-ton New Mexico was completed in 70 months, the shortest overall construction time of any Virginia-class submarine.

    Becky Smart, the company vice president in charge of the submarine program, said the New Mexico was completed with 1 million fewer man-hours than its predecessor, the USS North Carolina.

  • If you drive, don’t use your cell phone

    SANTA FE — Hand-held cell phones and driving vehicles don’t mix, according to Governor Bill Richardson, who announced that he will introduce a measure banning the combination when the Legislature meets in January.

    Richardson announced his intention to take the ban state wide for talking or texting  while driving with handheld cell phones. The ban would extend to hands-free devices for operators of public transportation including bus drivers.

  • Learning never stops

    It’s written everywhere — on teachers’ knick-knacks, on posters and on elementary school classroom bulletin boards — you never stop learning. This message is printed so much you might be prone to gloss over it, but you shouldn’t because it is true.

    Leadership Los Alamos learned about the power and importance of education during its latest session, which was held Friday at UNM-LA.

  • Spreading the budgetary pain

    SANTA FE — Everyone will be affected by the next round of state budget balancing.

    Thus far, lawmakers have been able to fill budgetary voids by sweeping money out of the cubby holes of state government and cutting back on agency spending.

    But next time the pain will be felt almost everywhere. The easy cuts have been made. Further cuts will affect services. Some of those services are not really noticed.

  • 12-18-09 State briefs

    Gov. proposing ethics bills

    SANTA FE — Gov. Bill Richardson wants the 2010 Legislature to pass an ethics reform package that includes an independent ethics commission.

    Lawmakers  convene Jan. 19 for a 30-day session.

    Richardson proposes an ethics commission that would provide independent oversight of the executive and legislative branches and state employees. The commission would investigate complaints by citizens and whistleblowers and would be able to investigate and discipline public officials, state employees, lobbyists, contractors and officials.

  • The marijuana candidate returns

    SANTA FE – Former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson is in the national news again. He has launched a nationwide nonprofit campaign to advocate libertarian views on current issues.

    The campaign includes a Web site, www.ouramericainitiative.com, containing written statements and film clips of Johnson explaining his positions on the economy, drugs, civil liberties, the environment, abortion, the Federal Reserve, taxes and defense.

  • N.M. opens swine flu shots to everyone

    SANTA FE ­— The state has opened up swine flu vaccinations to all New Mexicans, not just people in high-risk groups.

    The state says health providers have enough vaccine for more New Mexicans.

    Health Secretary Dr. Alfredo Vigil says the Department of Health will continue to consider people in high-risk groups the top priority, but also will provide vaccine to as many people as possible.

    The agency has distributed about 554,000 doses to providers and public health offices statewide.