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  • Community icon dies

    Unstoppable in his quest for peace, longtime Los Alamos crusader Ed Grothus lost his battle with cancer. He died quietly about noon Thursday in his Los Alamos home surrounded by family. 

    “When one is legendary, one must do legendary things,” Grothus often said. And so he did.

    One need only Google his name to find him the subject of a trove of newspaper stories and magazine articles from around the world. Grothus, 85, also is the subject of several documentaries and a video that streams on YouTube.

  • Lujan in town for economic recovery tour

    Cheerful optimism laced Wednesday’s visit by Rep. Ben Ray Lujan who was conducting his economic recovery tour throughout District 3.

    “There are different numbers that have been reported and we’re looking at the numbers hour after hour but it’s looking to be about $1.1 billion and possibly more,” Lujan said of New Mexico’s share of the stimulus package President Obama signed Tuesday in Denver. 

  • What is the right thing?

    Dear Editor,

    I am responding to your bold assertions that you made in your Friday Feb. 6, 2009, editorial, “It is Time to Do the Right Thing.”

  • Please, support labs

    Dear Editor,

    Our national research laboratories - Los Alamos, Sandia and Lawrence Livermore - are national treasures. Their physical plants and assemblies of some of our most talented scientists, engineers and technicians cannot be duplicated anywhere in the world.

    Yes, their primary directive has been military research. But technology-sharing programs have enabled their discoveries to be developed commercially for peaceful purposes. And they have been soliciting more and more contracts for nonmilitary research.

  • Driver crashes into three parked cars

    While reportedly fleeing from police Thursday afternoon, Anthony J. Martinez, 26, 3301 Canyon Road, crashed into three cars parked in the driveway of a home at 3504 Arizona St.

    Martinez, who recently moved from Tierra Amarilla, had been stopped for erratic driving a couple of minutes earlier but took off before the officer could speak with him, according to reports.

    He then lost control of his 1992 light gold Lincoln Town Car as he attempted to turn left onto Arizona from 35th Street at a high rate of speed, according to police.

  • Skate parks' condition under scrutiny

    The county’s snow removal policy seems to be a sore subject with some Los Alamos County residents. In the past, Public Works Director Kyle Zimmerman has addressed residents’ concerns regarding the policy, however, his answers have not always been satisfactory to the people concerned.


    To add to the questions that residents have, another county facility recently came under scrutiny because of snow that had not been removed.


  • Council to handle heavy consent agenda

    Consent agenda items will top Tuesday night’s county council meeting at 7 p.m. in council chambers.

    Dr. Cedric Page, Executive Director of UNM-LA will attend the meeting, where he will give councilors a brief presentation on the state of UNM-LA.

  • Council receives EBRIF briefing

    Working to promote a regional understanding among the member governments and mutual fact finding about specific water and wastewater issues, as well as discussing projects on a regional basis are just a few of the Española Basin Regional Issues Forum’s main goals.

    During Tuesday night’s county council meeting held in White Rock, Charlie Nylander, of Water Matters LLC, provided councilors with a briefing on not only the goals of the EBRIF, but also an overview of the organization’s activities.

  • Cinderella soars to top of must-see productions

    From its breathtaking opening solo to its exquisite grand finale - Susan Baker Dillingham’s creative genius takes the classic “Cinderella” tale to amazing new heights.

  • Talk introduces Obama's nuclear policy