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  • Best of Best winners are doing what they love

    The Los Alamos County Fair offers residents a chance to share their passions with the community and receive some recognition for their talent.

     In addition to first through third place awards in each category, entrants compete for Reserve Grand Champion and Grand Champion. 

  • In search of a fire starter

    A group of scientists went on a field trip Friday.

    Their mission?

    Scientists from the Valles Caldera and the United States Geological Survey at Bandelier National Monument ventured into the forest near Las Conchas, and found the fallen Aspen tree that started the largest wildfire in state history. 

  • Letters to the editor 8-14-11


    As the seasonal fires die out, there is now time to ask: “Why?”  

    Why did another round of fires scar the southwest, causing untold loss and destruction of invaluable habitat?

    The answer is simple yet disturbing: our public lands have not been well managed.

  • Not much urgency seen



    Seven months after his nomination as Economic Development Secretary, four months after his boss and state lawmakers failed to make jobs a priority in the legislative session, and one month after the state posted the first pathetic job growth after 32 straight months of losses, Jon Barela is traveling the state to hold job creation meetings.

  • NCRTD's hum of change



    Anthony Mortillaro walked into the North Central Regional Transit district (“NCRTD”) May 8, 2011 and wheels started turning. Appointed Interim Executive Director after Josette Lucero retired from the NCRTD at the end of April; he immediately began to review policies and procedures and took time to visit with each member of the administrative staff.

  • Local notes 8/14/11



    Golf tourney to benefit

    baseball, softball teams


  • For Sweers, triathlon is a family affair

    Jeff Sweers can be credited for helping bring about the first Los Alamos Triathlon. He can also be blamed for the event’s first typo.

    As the owner and operator of Strings and Spokes, a former Los Alamos bicycle shop, he was approached by former Los Alamos High School swim coach Bill Hudson and others about the possibility of organizing a triathlon in 1974.

  • 08-14-11 Andrew and Mousie
  • 08-14-11 Word on the Street

    What’s the weirdest thing you ever heard a teacher say?
    “We could eat this gum, it’s expired though ... About five years ago. But that’s OK, except it tastes like tripe, so we probably shouldn’t eat it.” — Alice Shao, freshman


    What’s been your best vacation, so far?
    “Scuba diving in the Caribbean.” —Aerryn Rees, sophomore


    What’s your most irrational fear?
    “Bugs. Bugs are bad.” — Toni Batha, junior


  • Poetry corner: Rusty swings

    Rusty swings

    There’s lots of laughs and giggles all across the playground, and a common fear of cooties as she chases him around.

    But boys aren’t so yucky anymore and friends they soon become.
    Playing sports every day after school, she begins to think “maybe he isn’t so dumb.”

    He likes worms and other gross stuff, all his immature jokes are about farts,
    but now she sits next to him at school — turns out he’s kind of smart.

    His blue eyes are kind of pretty. His hair looks soft to touch. He flashes her that sweet smile that she’ll never get tired of.