Today's News

  • Airport open house to be held Saturday

    Is your home looking a little shabby? Are photos of houses in home and gardening magazines making you envious? There is a way to spruce up your home to make it camera-ready. All you need to do is head over to Central Park Square from 9 a.m.-2 p.m. Saturday.

  • Swimming: Results from Nick Nogar Invite

    Here are the results from the Nick Nogar Invitational, which took place Friday, Saturday and Sunday at Larry R. Walkup Aquatic Center.

    Team scores

    1. Pajarito Aquatic Club (PAC), 884; 2. Los Alamos Aquatomics (LAA), 789; 3. Clovis Swim Club, 481; 4. Swim Rio Rancho, 441; 5. SFCC Blue Sharks, 433; 6. Duke City Aquatics, 314; 7. Mountain Club (MC), 213; 8. Taos Swim Club, 205; 9. City Of Santa Fe Seals, 131; 10. El Paso Aqua Posse, 55.

    Girls 13-14 400 IM

    1. Kerry Song, MC, 6:04.35.

    Girls 15 & Over 400 IM

  • Golf: Club swap scheduled for Father's Day

    The Los Alamos Junior Golf Boosters will hold its annual Father's Day Golf Club Swap Sunday.

    The swap will be held at the Los Alamos Golf Course from 8 a.m.-noon. All proceeds from the swap will go to benefit junior golf in Los Alamos.

  • Column gives oil line

    Dear Editor,

    The June 12 guest column by Marita K. Noon titled  “Hypocrisy that knows no bounds” should have been a paid  advertisement by Big Oil.  I suspect that she was not driven to her  keyboard in response to President Obama’s comments about the CAFÉ  Standards (auto fuel efficiency standards), but by her funders of  Citizens Alliance for Responsible Energy, a nonprofit organization advocating for citizens rights to energy freedom. 

  • Dreaming of a new building

    Dear Editor,

    “They are not long, the days of wine and roses/out of a misty dream/our path emerges for a while then closes/ within a dream.” Vitae Summa Brevis, Ernest Dowson, 1896

     “Preserve our history” Los Alamos County Strategic Goals, 2005.

     There is a day, which now exists only as an old article in The Atom (July 1967) with old black and white photos; as a weed grown tracery of missed opportunities and the road not taken; as wind across an empty expanse of grass.  But oncemponcem time..............

  • Six Monkeys: Meeting a new family member

    She’s looking at me with her old-man eyebrows right now. Her pink-and-black dotted foot lies against her gray-and-black mini-jowl. She’s almost asleep. Her humongous ears twitch every so often, when Joss Stone hits especially soulful notes on the stereo and any time Zooker moves.

    Zooker, my 11-year-old Chow Chow mix, has a new, horrifying 15-pound companion. It’s not a tumor. It’s so much worse: a puppy.

  • Graduation day for LAYL

    Graduates of the Los Alamos Youth Leadership class of 2009 recently celebrated their accomplishments of the year, with a congratulatory dinner sponsored by Los Alamos National Bank.

    The theme for 2009, like many other recent events, tied into the Los Alamos celebration of the 60th anniversary.

    The guest speakers for the event were Mary Jean Nilsson and Jay Wechsler. Nilsson and Weschler both arrived in the early days and have seen a lot of change throughout the years.

  • Bringing messages of freedom and justice to Los Alamos

    Thomas Mapfumo was born in a country ruled by a dictator who many consider the worst tyrant in the world.

    He grew up in a society where the average life expectancy ends in the mid-30s  age range and where the economy is practically extinct, rapes are frequent and people are oppressed into silence.

    But  that silence is breaking. Mapfumo, along with the Blacks Unlimited, are giving the people of Zimbabwe, his home country, a voice.

  • New LAHS band director arrives

    With a picnic table at Ashley Pond ladled with food, the Los Alamos High School band parents and students celebrated Zane Meek stepping into the position of the school’s band director Tuesday.

    Meek replaces Dr. Charles Faulkner, who retired this year.

    Before acting as the band’s director, Meek was a graduate student at University of New Mexico in Albuquerque.

    He said he was attracted to Los Alamos because “I heard that the students and parents are very dedicated to the music program.”

  • Celebrating 60 years of artistic accomplishments

    This summer Los Alamos celebrates its 60th Anniversary and The Art Center at Fuller Lodge is getting ready to start things off with a bang.  The Art Center’s newest exhibition, “Los Alamos Yesterday and Today” opens Friday and runs through July 25.  The exhibit encompasses both the surrounding landscape and cultures integral to Los Alamos and celebrates the unique essence of Los Alamos itself.