Today's News

  • Snazzy new tools enhance students’ learning experience

    Teachers from around northern New Mexico have worked to make their classrooms technologically advanced and they shared their efforts on Nov. 6  at UNM-LA. 
    It was a follow-up session to  the 21st Century Classroom workshop that was held July 19-22 at UNM-LA.

  • Parent questions search policy

     A parent expressed concern Thursday that her child, who attends Los Alamos High School, has been called into the principal’s office and “frisked” four times this year. After the third incident, she requested the school notify her in advance of any further frisking.

  • Sanchez in Los Alamos, part of whirlwind tour

    Lt. Gov.-Elect John Sanchez was on a mission Thursday to gather Los Alamos business concerns to take back to Gov. Elect Susana Martinez.

    “We’re excited about rolling up our sleeves,” Sanchez said.

    A number of local business owners and managers assembled with Sanchez in council chambers and they weren’t shy about voicing their concerns. Chopping programs to balance the state’s estimated $450 million deficit was a major issue on the minds of educators at the meeting.

  • Holidays are a time to remember troops overseas

    The holiday season brings out the spirit of giving in people. At the Children’s Clinic, the giving spirit caught on early after hearing about the 3/5 Marines I Co. 3rd Platoon.

    Since September, the platoon has been in a remote area of Afghanistan. Among those fighting in this area is Jared Pinkerton, the son of Sheree Pinkerton, a Registered Nurse who works at the clinic. Pinkerton’s son, was injured just last week. He is being treated in a hospital overseas.

  • LANL debuts hybrid ‘green’ garbage truck

    Los Alamos National Laboratory has begun using a diesel-hydraulic hybrid truck for daily garbage pickup, improving fuel efficiency by 30 percent and reducing greenhouse gas emissions by even more.

    The Peterbilt Model 320 replaces one of the Lab’s two garbage trucks. Each truck runs 40 hours per week and racks up tens of thousands of miles every year.

  • Transition of power musing

    As the gubernatorial transition from Bill Richardson to Susana Martinez moves forward, a few observations appear appropriate.
    One suggestion has come to the IdeasForNewMexico@swcp.com e-mail address unveiled in my last column. It’s a good one and is exactly the sort of problem, well known to people on the ground, that doesn’t trickle to the netherworld of the transition.

  • Governor's legacy: Progress or pals

    In June the New Mexico Film Museum closed after a short, unproductive life. It was a cost-cutting measure, said the Governor’s Office.
    The museum rarely offered a program and had no operating budget. It did pay its directors, each one politically connected, rather well ($80,000 a year for the last two). There was a flap in 2007, when the governor attempted to appoint former Secretary of State Rebecca Vigil-Giron as director, because she had no relevant experience. But none of the museum’s directors had any film experience.
    And so it went.  

  • Muni building’s side issues

    The central question of the Muni is:  Do we want it back at the pond or not? Everything else is a side issue.
    If the answer is yes, then we can get it done.  At this juncture, I would prefer to avoid “going negative.”  Towards that end, I have posted on my blog, losalamosrealitycheck.blogspot.com, the reasons I believe the answer should be “yes” (and I hope to have the Monitor run that, though it is a bit lengthy.)

  • Cadets’ hard work pays off

    Los Alamos High School Naval Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps students and instructors have a lot to celebrate. They brought home a total of 10 first place awards from the Four Corners Drill Meet in Farmington, which took place Oct. 22.

  • NM home sales, prices drop in October

    ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — A Realtors group says home sales in New Mexico dropped by 7 percent in October from a month earlier.

    The median price of homes sold also dropped by nearly 3 percent from September to $175,000.

    The sales and price figures were released late Friday by the Realtors Association of New Mexico.

    Executive vice president Steven Anaya says the numbers in New Mexico mirror national trends.