BPU sends water plan back for public review

The Board of Public Utilities Wednesday approved a much larger revamp of the Department of Public Utilities’ Long Range Water plan, even though the County Council asked for only minor changes.
Deputy Utilities Manager James Alarid presented two options to the board Wednesday, both designed to save the three years of work and the $90,000 invested into the plan already.
Alarid suggested to the board they choose “Option 1” an option that had the best chance of not being rejected by the state. Option 1 includes changes requested by the Los Alamos County Council, and updates by the DPU to include 2016 data.
“There’s a very good chance that the state engineer is going to reject the plan because it’s not current,” said Alarid. Alarid explained to the board that the plan, which they started in 2014, was unexpectedly put on hold due to extensive negotiations with the Los Alamos National Laboratory over water rights.
“Turns out, we’re now on pace to submit to the state engineer probably in the fall of 2017,” Alarid said to the board. “All of our data in the plan is current as of 2015. We have a whole new calendar year of 2016… there’s a very good chance that the state engineer is going reject the plan because it’s not current.”