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Trevor Matuszak, of Los Alamos, died Sunday in White Rock Canyon, according to Los Alamos County officials.
19-year-old died rock climbing in White Rock

The Los Alamos Fire Department and Los Alamos Police Department issued a joint statement today regarding the death of a young hiker yesterday evening in White Rock Canyon.

The hiker has been identified as Trevor Matuszak, age 19, who was hiking with two friends in the area known as Hell’s Hole late Sunday afternoon. Access to Hell’s Hole is located at the south end of the cul de sac on Kimberly Lane in White Rock.

According to the accompanying hikers, Matuszak lost his footing in a steep portion of Hell’s Hole and fell into the canyon. The area was too treacherous for the hikers to climb down and reach Matuszak and they phoned 911 for help.

LAFD and LAPD were dispatched to the canyon at approximately 5:30 p.m. and emergency response crews trained in rock climbing under hazardous conditions were able to rappel to the scene of the accident, with assistance from LAPD.

Rescue crews reached Matuszak but determined that he had apparently died of his injuries in the fall. Crews were able to retrieve his body from the canyon just before nightfall.

The other two hikers accompanying Matuszak were safely rescued out of the canyon by LAFD and LAPD crews.