Sarah Von Sternberg/Monitor
Time Out Pizzeria owners Trisha and Omar Sanchez take a break inside their Los Alamos restaurant on Central Avenue this week while workers dismantle the interior space. The owners plan to reopen in a smaller location in Los Alamos in late fall.
Local pizzeria takes a time-out

Local pizza joint, Time Out Pizzeria, will temporarily close its doors in Los Alamos.

But have no fear. The restaurant’s White Rock location is staying open for business and a new space in Los Alamos is in the works.

When asked about the reasoning for the closure, owners Omar and Trisha Sanchez explained that they simply could not afford the rent anymore. Although business was good, “a lot of things happened when we first started here; a lot of that stuff killed us and we weren’t able to stand up,” Omar Sanchez told the Los Alamos Monitor.

The owners provided some insight about the events that led to their decision. Road closures on Central Avenue were the main culprit, they said.

The first year they opened the Los Alamos location, the road construction began.

“Phase One was at the height of the summer months and it just killed us when they shut the road down,” Omar Sanchez said.

Then Smith’s opened up and drew a crowd over to Trinity Drive, and finally, Phase Two of road construction on Central Avenue provided the final blow. The Sanchez’s were starting to get ready for the summer but the landlords had other plans and gave them 30 days to move out.