Arin McKenna
Guillermo Mazier, director of strategic accounts for Atlas Advertising, LLC, conducted a meeting on branding for the county on Tuesday.
New tagline options to go to public comment

Los Alamos County’s branding efforts entered into a new phase Tuesday as a team from Atlas Advertising, LLC, descended on the county to determine what sets it apart. The day culminated in a public meeting at Fuller Lodge.
Atlas was hired for the implementation stage of the branding campaign which began with research and recommendations from North Star Destination Strategies. County procurement rules prohibited North Star from bidding on the implementation contract.
North Star was paid $50,000 for its effort. The initial Atlas contract was for up to $225,000 for a brand logo design, a brand implementation plan and brand execution services. Council approved an additional $17,500 after asking Atlas to do further work on the development of a tagline or slogan after residents rejected North Star’s suggestion of “Live Exponentially.”
According to the company’s Director of Strategic Accounts Guillermo Mazier, Atlas specializes in marketing for communities and has marketed more than 150 communities in 45 states.
Council Chair Kristin Henderson explained why the branding effort is underway.
“The point of the branding was, how do we evolve what our town is thought of outside of our town?” Henderson said.