Aspen Elementary School
LA schools receive state PED grades

The Public Education Department released 2017 grades for New Mexico schools Tuesday.

Los Alamos Public Schools remains at the top in the state. The grading system is primarily based upon PED-defined growth in math and reading test scores.

Nearly every Los Alamos school improved its grade from the previous school year, with the exception of Los Alamos Middle School.

Los Alamos Middle School’s grade dropped from a C to a D, with the most dramatic decrease in points in the category of academic progress of the school as a whole. Superintendent Kurt Steinhaus pointed out that the middle school received a D by six tenths of 1 percent.

“It’s something that we’re going to look at and analyze,” Steinhaus said. “We’re going to roll up our sleeves and look at the data, look at the tests and see if we can figure out why.”

Steinhaus expressed his pride in LAPS teachers and said, “We’re always trying to improve, so these data from the PED give us information about growth. I think its useful information as work to do better.”

While more than a third of schools in Albuquerque earned F’s, Los Alamos Public Schools remains at the lead of the pack with nearly all A’s across the board.