Roy Moore
'Caveman' still needs a lawyer

Roy Moore, the man that was recently arrested for growing 43 marijuana plants in his house, made an appearance in court late last week.
The hearing was about acquiring a public defense attorney, since Moore, did not seem have one yet.
As Moore was listing his reasons for having the court assigning him an attorney, some other information about his circumstances were revealed, as well.
Moore, who was conciliatory and polite during the hearing, also tried to explain to the magistrate court judge that he had a “growers card” for his marijuana plants but it was recently expired. He also was about to explain why the plants were in his house when the judge, Magistrate Court Judge Mateo Page, abruptly cut him off.
“Before you say any more about that, as you were advised during your first appearance, you have a right to remain silent. Any statements you make in court can be used against you,” Page said. “Those are things you need to discuss with your attorney.”
Moore, 67, also revealed that he had health problems, mainly that the right side of his body is “destroyed” as well as problems with his right lung.