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Board President Jenny McCumber
Citizens oppose LAPS immigrant student policy at board meeting

The Los Alamos Public Schools board heard from more people opposed to its proposals to protect immigrant students’ privacy this week.

Opponents called the measures political posturing and attempts to turn the district into a “sanctuary” school district where children will flock for a good education, during a board meeting on Tuesday.

Two people also spoke in favor of the measures.

Board members took up a second reading of a draft policy and regulations that among other measures, prohibits Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents, unless they have a warrant, from entering school property without the permission of the superintendent.

“When did ICE last come to the school? I’m sure the liberal media would have blown it up,” said Greg White, a resident of Los Alamos, during a public comment period.

The board met at its monthly meeting on Tuesday, and also took up first readings of other policies and regulations that would be impacted by the proposal, such as student records and non-discrimination.

Board members also disagreed among themselves.