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  • Police Beat 03-21-14

    Police Beat items are compiled from public information contained in Los Alamos Police Department Records. Charges or citations listed in Police Beat do not imply innocence or guilt. The Los Alamos Police Department uses the term “arrest” to define anyone who has been physically arrested, served a court summons, or issued a citation.
    March 13

    1:15 p.m. — A 16-year-old Los Alamos teen was arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia at Los Alamos High School.

    4:38 p.m. — A 46-year-old Los Alamos woman reported to police she was the victim of identity theft at Canyon Glen.
    March 14

    7:43 a.m. — A 33-year-old Los Alamos man reported to police that he was the victim of criminal damage to property (less than $1,000) on Manhattan Loop.

    8:11 a.m. — A 49-year-old Los Alamos man reported to police he was the victim of criminal damage to property (less than $1,000) at Sage Loop.

    8:04 a.m. — A 93-year-old Los Alamos man reported to police he was the victim of criminal damage to property (less than $1,000) at Sage Loop.

    8:29 a.m. — A 20-year-old Los Alamos man reported to police he was the victim of criminal damage to property (less than $1,000) at Myrtle Street.

  • Police asking for public help in investigating incidents -- more photos added

    The Los Alamos Police Department is looking to the public for help after investigating a number of incidents in the past month.

    On March 14, LAPD responded to the Jemez House Thrift Store in White Rock for an attempted shoplifting.

    According to a LAPD release, the male subject entered the store and attempted to conceal merchandise without paying for it when he was confronted by several store patrons. While witnesses were attempting to call police the subject forced his way passed the patrons and left in his vehicle. One of the patrons sustained an injury during this process.

    The male will be facing aggravated battery charges as a result of this investigation.

    “The male left in a black Mazda 4-door that did not have a license plate. It had a temporary registration sticker that was removed by suspect(s) during time they were fleeing the scene,” according to the police report.
    Three other persons were passengers in the escape vehicle, including two children approximately 10-12 years of age.
    The vehicle was followed by another store patron who confirmed that it left Los Alamos County.
    The male is described as approximately 40 years of age, 6-feet-2 and around 230-250 pounds.

    Another person took several photos of the car as it fled.

  • Police Beat 03-18-14

    Police Beat items are compiled from public information contained in Los Alamos Police Department Records. Charges or citations listed in Police Beat do not imply innocence or guilt. The Los Alamos Police Department uses the term “arrest” to define anyone who has been physically arrested, server a court summons, or issued a citation.

    March 6

    5:06 p.m. — A 33-year-old Los Alamos man reported to police he was the victim of identity theft at 47th Street.
    March 7

    1:30 p.m. — Paul Martinez, 23, of Los Alamos was arrested through a magistrate court bench warrant in the 1000 block of Deacon Street for falsely reporting a robbery.

    9:27 a.m. — A 49-year-old Los Alamos man reported to police he was the victim of identity theft on Trinity Drive.

    2:45 p.m. — A 47-year-old Los Alamos woman reported to police that she was the victim of a violated protection order.
    March 8

    1:09 a.m. — Bobby Shaw, 32, of Los Alamos was arrested for battery upon a police officer on Kachina Street.

    2:07 p.m. — A 49-year-old Los Alamos man reported to police he was the victim of a larceny (over $500 less than $2500).
    March 9

    3:04 a.m. — Ashira Montano, 31, of Santa Fe through a municipal court warrant.

  • LAPD makes new hires

    The Los Alamos Police Department initiated an Officer Selection process toward the end of 2013.
    After the screening process of approximately 40 applicants, 10 certified applicants were chosen to continue in the testing process. Three out of the 10 certified, were successful in the process and accepted positions with LAPD.
    As well as these police officers, two new dispatchers were selected from a vast number of very qualified applicants. These officers’ and dispatchers’ first day on the job was March 3.
    Los Alamos’ newest police officers received their badges Thursday afternoon at the Justice Center while surrounded by family, friends and veteran officers. During a swearing in ceremony, conducted by the magistrate judge Pat Casados, three officers took an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States and that of New Mexico. Robert Larsen, Tim Lonz and Ryan Wolking are the county’s newest police officers, holding the rank of Corporal due to being certified and having prior law enforcement experience.
    Roberto Lujan and Greg Lynch are the newest Emergency Dispatchers. Both came with dispatching experience from the Santa Fe Regional Emergency Communications Center.

  • Sex offender investigated for taking photos at Piñon

    Los Alamos Sheriff Marco Lucero issued a press release Monday, alleging that a registered sex offender was seen taking photos of children during an event at Piñon Elementary.
    Lucero said the registered sex offender is refusing to answer police questions without an attorney present.
    The sheriff’s office released the man’s name but the Los Alamos Monitor declined to publish it because, as of press time Tuesday, he had not been charged with a crime.
    The investigation stems from a March 5 incident at a school debate event at Piñon Elementary. According to Lucero, shortly after the event some parents came to his office and complained that the man was taking pictures of children other than his own.
    Lucero said the man voluntarily came to his office but declined to answer questions.
    “He refused to answer any questions, so we are going to follow up (today) as well as meet with the district attorney,” Lucero said. Lucero has also contacted Principal Jill Gonzales about the matter and said the school is aware of the issue.
    “They too are taking steps toward making sure the matter is taken care of,” Lucero said.
    The registered sex offender is escorted whenever he goes onto the school’s campus, according to Lucero.

  • Police: Mugging actually drug deal gone bad

    True, suspect Paul Martinez told the police he was robbed in the evening hours of March 5, but that’s not the entire story.
    Apparently, Martinez wasn’t entirely an innocent victim.
    After telling the Los Alamos police a story that two thugs beat him and robbed him of a substantial amount of money in the parking lot of Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 8874, which is located on Deacon Street, a short investigation and reports from eyewitnesses revealed otherwise.
    He first told police that, after an argument with his girlfriend, Martinez, 23, decided to get a couple of drinks at the VFW before heading back home around 7:30 p.m.
    He told the police his attackers started with a punch to the left side of his head and before he knew it, he was on the ground holding on to the pair’s legs as they continued to pummel him almost to the point of blacking out.
    Moreover, one of the alleged assailants reached into his front pocket and stole his rent money before taking off and leaving him there.
    Martinez told police he was able to drive back home, but when his girlfriend’s mother saw his injuries, she drove him to the emergency room of the Los Alamos Medical Center, where he was treated for lacerations to his face and upper body.

  • 'Komfort for Kids' comes to LAPD

    Beta Sigma Phi, Laureate Rho chapter has always been known for its philanthropic efforts in the community. Whether that’s through fundraising for charity or giving gift bags to seniors during the holidays, the Laureate Rho chapter, as well as the four other chapters in Los Alamos have always been there when residents needed them.
    Now, Laureate Rho has extended its reach directly to the children of Los Alamos, making sure every police car of the Los Alamos Police Department has a small backpack or two filled with quilts or afghans, snacks, water, stuffed animals and a coloring book.
    Called “Komfort For Kids,” the idea is for police officers to hand them out to kids when they arrive on calls where apparent abuse or trauma has taken place.
    “The time will probably be a very traumatic time for them,” said Laureate Rho member Pat Cruz. “For them to have something to wrap around themselves or to hold onto like a stuffed animal will mean a lot to them,” said Cruz.
    Laureate Rho member Cecilia Dimpfel came up with the idea, after noticing that while there were many programs to help children affected by traumas and disaster, none of them were local.

  • Court orders ex-LA doctor off GPS monitoring

    Pavel Mourachov, the former Los Alamos doctor who pled guilty to assault and cruelty to animals nine months ago, is now off GPS monitoring.
    In magistrate court Tuesday, his attorney, Elden Pennington and Assistant DA Kent Wahlquist agreed Mourachov has done much to improve his life and attitude since the day police arrested him leaving the Los Alamos Medical Center.
    Pennington also said that since Mourachov has lost his medical license as a result of his crimes the cost of his GPS monitoring has been a financial hardship.
    “It’s about 15 percent of his income,” Pennington told Magistrate Court Judge Pat Casados.
    According to Pennington, Mourachov has also managed to stay out of trouble for the past nine months, and is presently living in Colorado. As part of his probation, he regularly comes back to see his doctor in Santa Fe for mental health evaluations.
    “He hasn’t had any contact or incidents with police in Colorado either,” Pennington told the judge.
    Though Mourachov will no longer be on GPS, Mourachov still has to obey all the other conditions of his probation, which includes staying in regular contact with his probation officer, Linda Pena.

  • Fire season may start early

    Don’t let this weekend’s weather fool you; there’s a high probability that there will be wildfires this year, and they may be coming early. Fire season in New Mexico usually starts in late March and ends in June, with the coming of the monsoons.
    According to the National Weather Service’s New Mexico office in Albuquerque, this year’s snow season has been the worst on record for the past five years. According to meteorologist Brian Guyer, precipitation levels in the Jemez Basin have only been only at 20 percent the normal level of snow water. To put that perspective, snow water levels during the Las Conchas fire in 2011 were at 52 percent.
    “Generally what we look for to slow the fire season is a good snowpack,” Guyer said. “Since we have not had hardly any snow in that region, that opens up the opportunity for the fire season to start earlier.”
    While Guyer was glad to see this weekend’s weather system, he said that will not change the wildfire forecast much.
    “There will be periodic weather systems that can delay the wildfire activity for a few days or perhaps a week, but if you don’t have regular, more timely weather systems moving across the area then you’re just going to continue to have deteriorating conditions.”

  • ‘Komfort Kits’ For LAPD

    Beta Sigma Phi, Laureate Rho Chapter, put together 'Komfort Kits,' which included handmade quilts and other items from the Los Alamos Piecemakers and other local organizations, to the Los Alamos Police Department Friday.

    The kits will go in the trunk of every police officer’s car. When they go out on a call that includes distressed kids, whether that be a domestic situation, fire or some other traumatic event, the kits will be given to the children.

    Each kit contains a quilt, a stuffed animal, toys, snacks and water.

    To find out more about the organization and all the good they’re doing, check out Tuesday’s Los Alamos Monitor.