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Rep. Stephanie Garcia Richard said she used a template from a national gun-control organization Everytown For Gun Safety to create H.B 50, which calls for regulation of person-to-person internet sales and regulation of gun shows.
Gun groups eye proposed regulation

The National Rifle Association is closely watching the gun bill legislation to be introduced as the state legislature begins its regular session.
One bill the association will pay particular interest to is “Background Checks on Gun Transfers” (H.B. 50), a bill sponsored by Rep. Stephanie Garcia Richard (D-43) and Rep. Miguel P. Garcia, (D-14).
The bill hones in on regulating person-to-person internet sales and gun shows. The bill would require background checks for these transactions.
“This legislation would criminalize virtually every private firearms transfer in New Mexico, while doing nothing to make the state a safer place,” NRA Spokeswoman Catherine Mortensen said. “Everywhere these so-called universal background check laws have been imposed, they cost law-abiding citizens time, money and freedom.”
Garcia Richard said the bill is still undergoing changes and will include exceptions for many types of transactions.
“Right now, the bill reads background checks for all transfers. I’m not interested in background checks for all transfers,” Garcia said.
Garcia Richard wants her bill to focus on gun shows and internet person to person sales.