Barranca Elementary School, if all goes well with funding, could be rebuilt.
School renovation OK’d

The Los Alamos School Board recently approved moving forward with renovations for Barranca Elementary School – but there’s a catch. The actual vote was to allocate $50,000 of district funding toward an “education specifications study,” which means the findings could be universally applied to any school in the system that needs renovation or redesign.
The board voted for Barranca Elementary School to be the next school to be renovated because state’s Public Schools Facility Authority listed it as the 17th worst school in the state as far as infrastructure and maintenance problems. On that same list, was Chamisa Elementary School and Piñon Elementary School, both in White Rock.
The board also voted this way because it has its eye on a key source of funding  from the Public Schools Facility Authority. Since the school district has three schools that are a relatively high priority on the PSFA’s list, the school district stands a good chance of receiving matching construction funds by the PSFA for reconstruction.
Under the formula, the school district stands to gain $7 million in construction funds from the PSFA, if the PSFA votes in favor of giving money to the Los Alamos Public District. That crucial vote won’t happen until March of next year.