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After improvements to water lines, Los Alamos County expects to reopen the Los Alamos Canyon Reservoir this week.
Los Alamos Canyon Reservoir expected to open this week

The Los Alamos Department of Public Utilities is close to reopening the Los Alamos Canyon Reservoir after improvements to water lines at the location.

Clay Moseley, an engineering project manager with the department, said the reservoir should open this week, but acknowledged that some individuals have already been making their way up the road to the reservoir.

“We finished the last big construction work up there Thursday and there is still equipment up there,” he said Friday. “We have seen people coming in and out of there and that’s OK.”

Moseley said the county is asking that visitors to the reservoir walk up to it instead of trying to drive or access the area with off-road vehicles. Currently a locked gate is in place in an effort to keep vehicles off the road.

“The road to the reservoir will not be open to vehicular traffic,” he said. “It’s not that kind of a road. And we still have some work left to do up there, like some soil stabilization and reseeding. So there’s still some construction activity planned and people trying to drive up there will only hamper that work.”

Moseley also said people should be aware of where they can and cannot park before heading up to the reservoir.