Arin McKenna/Monitor
Project manager Wayne Kohlrust shows how dimensions of a new elevator will affect a historic room on the second floor of the Fuller Lodge.
Interior elevator recommended

After months of research and deliberation, the Fuller Lodge Historic District Advisory Board on Wednesday voted to recommend an American with Disabilities Act accessible elevator for Fuller Lodge in the location of the current elevator.
The debate over whether to install an elevator and, if so, where it should be located began in June when representatives from Mullen Heller Architecture P.C. proposed installing a glass and steel exterior elevator near the building’s main entrance. The firm is overseeing the design for a $2.2 million upgrade to the structure.
Opposition to the exterior elevator was fierce, so the board asked the architects and Los Alamos County Project Manager Wayne Kohlrust to return with an interior option.
The architects provided two options: option 1, a new elevator in the location of the current elevator; option 2, an elevator in a space occupied by two storage rooms on the building’s south side.
The board reviewed both options, but some questioned whether there was even a need for an elevator, since structures on the National Register of Historic Places are often exempt from many ADA requirements. They decided to research what had been done in other historic structures.