Sportsman Marcos Herrera speaks at a protest against Senate Memorial 6 last week at the Roundhouse in Santa Fe.
Sportsmen protest state’s land bid

More than 250 public lands users showed up for a rally at the Roundhouse Thursday to protest continued efforts to transfer federal public lands to the State of New Mexico.
“We had people there yesterday representing the horseback trail riders, mountain bikers, dirt bikers, the motocross types, ATV and OHV types, hikers, campers, canoers, the Adobe Whitewater Club was there,” said Joel Gay, communications director for the New Mexico Wildlife Federation. Gay noted it was the largest sportsmen’s rally anyone could remember.
At stake are 9 million acres of national forest and 13 million acres of Bureau of Land Management land that proponents are trying to claim for the state.
The most recent iteration of this effort is Senate Memorial 6, introduced by Sen. Pat Woods (R-District 7). SM 6 calls for the Department of Finance and Administration to “convene stakeholders to study and make recommendations on federal land management and ownership and evaluate federal revenue streams’ impacts on the state, local governments and community economies.”