Arin McKenna/Monitor
Vice Chair Susan O’Leary discusses the police department budget Tuesday. O’Leary challenged the request to replace county vehicles.
O’Leary challenges county fleet replacement

The Los Alamos County Council this week tentatively approved the remaining departmental budgets, but tabled discussion on parking lot items and adoption of a fiscal year 2017 budget.
Council tentatively approved the Los Alamos Police Department budget of $7,952,256, plus  $262,077 in optional budget items, plus budgets for Public Works, the Department of Public Utilities and Administrative Services.
The $30,132,463 Public Works budget and four of the five proposed options received tentative thumbs up. Those are:
• $160,000 to replace the Mesa Public Library HVAC unit.
• $53,000 to restore funding for pavement preservation and facilities maintenance contractual services.
• $105,000 for an industrial tractor with boom mower to maintain county right of ways and reduce hand labor.  
• $48,000 to implement a Recycle Bank points program to promote recycling and help to reduce waste generation.
A $325,000 option for constructing new hangars at the airport was not approved on the grounds that the county should explore options for private investment first.
Vice Chair Susan O’Leary asked how staff determined when fleet vehicles needed to be replaced.